Winter evening in Yalta

Dry Levantine face,
uprâtannoe ospinkami in Backa.
When he was looking for a cigarette in the pack,
ring on the ring-dim
suddenly breaks hundred watts,
and my flash lens can not stand:
I schuryus; and then he says,,
swallowing the smoke at the same time, "Guilty".

January in Crimea. On the Black Sea Breg
winter comes, as it were for fun:
unable to keep the snow
on the tips of the blades and agave.
Let the restaurant. smoke
ichthyosaurs dirty on the roads.
And rotten laurels heard fragrance.
"Pour you this abomination?"" Pour ".

So - smile, dusk, carafe.
away barman, clutching hands,
It gives the following, as a young dolphin
anchovy filled around felucca.
square window. The pots - wallflower.
snowflakes, passing by.
Stop, moment! You're not so
perfectly, how much you unique.

January 1969

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Joseph Brodsky
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