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Beautiful and poor country.
In the West and in the East - beaches
two oceans. Middle - mountain,
forests, limestone plains
and peasants' huts. In the south - the jungle
the ruins of the great pyramids.
In the North - Plantation, Cowboys,
passing involuntarily in the US.
It allows you to continue trading.

Objects export - Marijuana,
nonferrous metal, mediocre coffee,
cigars called "Crown"
and trivia folk artists.
(Prybavlyu: clouds). imports –
and everything else, as always, arms.
Pick up that, somehow easier
go state system.

The country's history is sad; but,
can not say, to uniquely. The main
recognized evil invading Spaniards
and the barbaric destruction of ancient
Aztec civilization. it
there is a local complex of the Golden Horde.
With the difference, however, Spaniards
really bummed zolotishkom.

Today there Republic. tricolor
flag fluttering over presidential
palazzo. constitution wonderful.
Text with the following strengths leapfrog
dictators lies in the National
Library under the green, money-
bulletproof glass - with
the same, in a Rolls-Royce President.

That allows you to look through it
in the future. In the future population,
undoubtedly, increase. paeon
as will first flap hoe
the hot sun. Man with glasses
flipping in a coffee shop would be sadly Marx.
And the lizard on a boulder, zadrav
head to the sky, will observe

spacecraft flight.


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