I was a member instead of a wild beast in a cage…

I was a member instead of a wild beast in a cage,
He burned out his term and klikuhu nail in the barracks,
I lived by the sea, I am playing roulette,
dined with the devil knows whom in evening dress.
From the height of a glacier I look around half of the world,
three drowned, twice been ripped.
He threw the country, that nourished me.
From forgotten me, you can reach the city.
I wandered in the steppes, pomnjaщix vopli type,
put on that is catching on all over again,
sow rye, covered with black roofing paper threshing floor
and drank only water, dry.
I let into my dreams blued pupil convoy,
I ate the bread of exile, leaving crusts.
Let his ligaments all sounds, pomimo grow;
whispering. Now I'm forty.
What can I say about life? What turned out to be long.
Only with the grief I feel solidarity.
But as long as my mouth did not score the clay,
of it will be distributed only to thank.

24 May 1980 g.

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