I hear not, you tell me, and his voice…

I hear not, you tell me, and his voice.
I see not the, What are you wearing, and even snow.
And it's not a room, where we sit, but pole;
plus our trail leads him, and not to.

Once I knew to remember all the colors of the spectrum.
Now I differ only white, doctor Smoot.
But even if the song is really sung,
of it is still motive.

I would be happy to lie next to you, but it is - a luxury.
If I lie down, the - flush with the turf.
And vskhlipnet old woman in a hut on chicken legs
and cook soft-boiled egg Statement.

Earlier, mark put, I could sprinkle the lye.
It always helps, talc pimple.
Now she walks around you bastard waves.
You wear bright dresses. And I'm sad.


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Joseph Brodsky
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