I'm starting the year, and vomits fire…

I'm starting the year, and vomits fire
a vacant lot withered tree skeleton
- perch gnawed skeleton!
And the sky breaks new Phaeton,
and the sun in the sky floats, the island,
I rush to the north in the prime of life.

I'm starting the year in his own way,
and the shadow grows from my shoulders sloping,
how sea, razyevayushyeye right
all zhenogrudym hawks galleys,
all women hawk frigates,
all the charms of virgins ichthyoids.

Brother, Apollo, you are not a stranger to Dictionary
Argos and curly calendar,
so do the hair foam trace my trident!
When it rattles the windows in January,
I need a bucolic primer,
to August I did not laugh at mad.


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Joseph Brodsky
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