Look at the wooden house.

Look at the wooden house.
Multiply it to life. multiply
this, that will then.
Received giving pain
il smite palsy,
numbness rafters,
log, brick –
all those, that the chimney had saved.

Space, stars in a telescope
considering their catch,
bursting of voids
and the sum of the four corners,
dark, not infected by-
oduševlennostʹû, blind
the ability to look outwards,
feel its path.

He - not because your, that it
everything seems to you a stranger,
but the, what, consumed by fire,
he will speak not: run.
It is your architectural taste.
Designed for rugged life,
he of Unaddressed plus
neobitaemosti concise.

And he perestoit century,
galaxy, residential part
coming, of spider
to adopt the habit of spinning
the fabric of time, to be exact - calico
Teak raw,
like a pendulum, kolotyas
the wall head tenant.


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Joseph Brodsky
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