recovering hairs

While fused your bones silently,
not a sin to think, Volosenka, of cane.

In the last century the house without her genius
not even walk out in Kenya.

And even the, who planned to just peace,
sometimes without Engels, but with a cane sauntered.

Although in general, in the course went thing in London
at the tender Bremmele and proud George Gordon.

Then, of course, mores began to deteriorate quickly:
then - revolution, then - unemployment,

and soon cane, tired of the fights of the class,
asphalt is left in the midst of mass shootings.

But now, randomly selected from breakdowns
from under the wheels of history almost from the dregs,

bolnichki monster with slamming doors and rear
miniature repeating the fate of the Empire,

- to support a little their physique –
You could adopt a cane.

At the end of the century in the capital of the north
imagine a dandy with a smile scattered,

with a person, wrinkled Russian experience,
followed by an admiring murmur,

when he lays through some portion of metallurgic
elegant cane way into the crowd in the drinking.

Here, even the gangsters, dressed in skin Finnish,
suddenly step aside, gleaming Fix,

and, exactly wrenching trouser pocket - money,
look down on the clouds brilliant dandy.

Who is it? It's you, Volosik, with a cane
surrounded by a handful of brave intellectuals,

join, cold playing knob,
in the future, where the goons with the wallet

would prevail, and poke knuckle.
But there all the tables so the Stoics and aesthetes

work out, Volosik and there - for the main:
poet, which in the future is not equal.


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Joseph Brodsky
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