View from the hill

Here's a frozen city of stone corner.
Geometry mourns his bowels.
First you hear the trio, then - Piano Negro.
River, although not frozen, still could not
run out to the ocean. Stronger tendency to zigzag
it is noticeable in the city, if the surrounding plain.
Then on the corner lights up a tree without roots.
river glitters, as a black piano.

When you walk down the street, rear sound steps.
This - the effect of perspective, not a murderer. for two
of the year, lived here, yesterday turned into tomorrow.
And Square, like shellac, It gives the following
by needle obelisk. Something happened a hundred
years ago, and there was a milestone.
milestone success. Basically, you - no one.
You, best case scenario, echo food.

Snow flies at random; speaker repeats: "cyclone".
Do not go out from the bar, do not go from the bar.
Avtomysh headlights crush columns
driving away mad, like Hannibal's elephants.
It smells of the desert, remembering the widow of laughter.
"Baby, Do not go ", - says Sinatra.
The same echo, but the record; as the silhouette of the Senate,
boredom, snowstorm, temperature, you.

Here you will face hard-boiled, here are his nest:
shine yolk in the shell cracked from the cold.
Your taxi on the road ahead is still a landau
with wreaths, Kate is clearly the same
side, that and you, as if by itself.
This - the perimeter effect, call margins,
undersized suburbs, whose dream barked
locomotives, wind, general fate.

And then - the ocean. Prostor Hluhonemoy.
flat area, where there are no buildings.
Where you do nothing, if you are a historian,
doctor, architect, businessman, actor
and, especially, echo. For space devoid of
of the past. Then, what he hears, - the amount of
natural waves, noise unprecedented,
which can be muffled

a pipe Gabriel. Here you have a large set of
horizontal lines. almost Spring
the universe. In which winds solo
Parker: just another head,
than the archangel, if you count the snot.
So what is next, в потемках, keeping to the North,
falls and there is a seiner,
as the church, lost in the fields.

2 February 1992, Washington

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Joseph Brodsky
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