Libra swung. Molvity not wrong…

Libra swung. Molvity not wrong,
Are you crazy greed, Parachuting.
This is something on the soul, slowly
grow rich, I took of Jumble,
that once swam my soul
upstairs, both unladen bowl.

Hermit without belongings and luggage
feather and in form and meaning,
stake two on the bed naked yes
sprout, skroiv fizionomyyu kislu;
and, though you are living above the floor,
nemozhno not batten down the rocker.

Parachuting, balance of harms
not only abnormal appetite,
but the desire for balance,
as can be seen in the endeavors of harlots,
in constipation, and erasing boundaries
deliberate between the city and vesyu.

Parachuting, you are now far.
It raises the attraction to prelyubam.
And as the clouds in my way,
hand dyndyp slozhimshi before the beak,
I not show you another fist
and his angels are not going to show you.

goodbye, Parachuting! Turning off the clock
up here, as a true sidelets
I forget all your beauty,
which I am no longer the owner,
and I behold polnoschnye near Libra,
for wherewith our baby was born.


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Joseph Brodsky
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