In the vicinity of Atlantis

All these years, the river flowed past,
wrinkles in search of the old man.
but people, did not know how to count to one hundred,
from her bury mile of the bridge.

sometimes floods, sometimes the crowd,
that is something, it is difficult to erase from his forehead,
poured asphalt, but returned reversed,
when the wind calmed down and wanted to sleep.

There were winter, one lyutey
other, and the habit of procreating children,
who reduced (as a mirror - Hanging
cupboard) two lives in one of its,

and generally save. But no matter how STI
thumbs, the days passed.
The case went to the colon “is”,
Zane them harder to erase. but all

was wasted. Now loosen
chain - and the room will flood ripples,
swallowed wholesale tenants, venation
Atlantis, who decided to start with the individual.


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Joseph Brodsky
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