I hear and respond

Lost count of the days, Boreas and leaves of winter,
night by candlelight recounts rafters.
If you utter quietly: fall,
It falls on all sides I was surrounded.
subsides, and again the clouds on a star hunt
erupts, and trembling in confusion light Siberian Crane.
With your mouth flies seasons,
My life is turning, as forests and ravines, in the echo.
This yours, gentle rain, noise, picked up by a thicket,
so that the heart in the chest roars, like a willow broom.
but bezuchastney, than you, a thousand times indifferent,
silently looking at me (в стороне) juniper.
Dark face forward (but like a race with the cloud)
something close jackboots water in the pits scatter my,
blessing of kinship with nature is the only case,
like a thousand miles away I see your sad eyes.
Tearing my dreams, if you want to. Bezumstvuy in Java.
Pour to the brim with this track in my field mouse.
As Sibelius Sing, subside, is not entitled to hold their peace,
Speak with me and Goody and whistle at the vertices.
Through death and fields, through life, sufferings, mile
smile, shepchy, in tears - sweetness
long speech his, as a bat, as the stars,
Kuta in the clouds of night, sending me the pain and joy.
Farther, farther! where the flesh I do not heed the soul, where in the ears
Do not pour sound, and dives with the soul level,
I hear you and I will answer, may be, Wilderness,
than now, but for all, what I was not, and was guilty.
And he will follow my shadow - like? with love?
No! rather it will cause the tendency of water to the motion.
But come back to you, as a great surf to the head,
Dante as a counselor, yielding destruction.
And cover your peace and posthumous fame
and earth slander, not gained success among the clouds,
the orphans of notes, not taking higher octave,
than take the forgotten and forever echo smolkshee.

fall 1964

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Joseph Brodsky
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