You know, Sidorov many years?..

- You know, Sidorov many years? –
- Who else Sidorov? - Come on!
Who came to visit Petrov.
On the Volga". - That old clunker? –

- In vain you fool around.
All our women and hung
his neck… How much would you give
his? - I would not give… magpie. –

- What a guy! and forty-something no,
and all have: cars and apartments.
I already caught the breath of all,
when he entered the office Kolkin. –

- What is it with Nicholas? - Blueprints.
Some designs… and profile
he as a film actor. - Regular dog,
all cases, that RV. - Do not tell… –

- You would be better looked after their!
What goes! Otoshtal! - go on vacation,
After working up there. - And that your offspring,
my nephew that is,? - to impose on him.

understand, I need Sidorov. It's all… –
You're just a bitch. - Bitch I, no bitch,
but, how zavizhu Sidorova, dryly
and I fervently done here.


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Joseph Brodsky
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