Flowers with their crazy cramping principle outlines,
giving air to the glass rumpled
view, with sore “AND”, looking something guttural,
the Lisp, simply painted lipstick,
- flowers, that grabs you by the heart is eagerly and openly,
how pale lips, whispering "maybe".

The closer the body to the ground, the more interesting it,
how to do these things, where from the beyond
they are cut fabric carefully without blades
- the disembodied, themes, it is seen, oduševlennej,
alternatively face, free faces
sincerity, or stars, to get rid of weight.

They stand in front of us come from there,
where there is nothing, OPRICH opportunity to put
indifferent to what - a drop in the bottom of the vessel,
in matches, in signal radioman, in a piece of muslin,
in flowers; still absorbed in the memory of the "Sesame",
they are looking at us with unseeing eyes.

Flowers! Finally you get home. Your devoid of hypocrisy
the future, In fresh glass pot-bellied
vases, where at the time of blush, because more
Only the collapse of molecules, named smell,
or - to turn white, shepcha «pestle, stamen, stem",
bringing to mind the plaster, ahead of the furniture.


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Joseph Brodsky
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