Thomas Transtremer the piano

Town, lying in fields such as soil superstructure.

Monarch, muzzled local mail stamp.
Bell at noon. From the local ten-year
The kids get enough sleep, as tablets
from the indistinct future. pupils Linnaeus,
cars rusting under the Elms, zeleneya,
and foliage, also gradually, though from a different test,
I typed in the sense of ability to dart off.
our people. grows imperceptibly
with each step area for the monument
propiska here permanently.

And the hand, attach to the piano,
gradually gets off from the body,
just under the possession of the curtain
the state of larger or
indifferent, than, that have accumulated in the brain
cell; and fingers, as if they are afraid
lose dreamed wealth,
frantically rushing around at the cave,
Treasure plugging gaps.

1993, Vasteres

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Joseph Brodsky
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