Only ash knows, what it means to burn down…

Only ash knows, what it means to burn down.
But I also tell, myopically looking forward:
do not consume all the wind, not all of the broom,
Clean well in the yard, select.
We will stay curled butt, spit, in the shadow
under the bench, where the angle of the beam to penetrate not give.
And follow in an embrace with mud, counting the days,
into humus, the sediment, in the cultural layer.
Zamaravshi sovok, archaeologist razinet mouth
to belch; but his discovery of thunder
to the whole world, both buried in the land of passion,
as a reverse version of the pyramids.
"I fell!"Exhale it, obhvativ life,
but it would be far away from us, than the land of the birds,
because carrion - freedom from cells, freedom from
the whole: the apotheosis of the particles.


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Joseph Brodsky
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