Now, knowing much about my…

Now, knowing much about my
Life - City, prisons,
of rooms, where I was going crazy,
but not gone, on the seas, in which
I was choking, and those, whom
I still did not hold in the arms, –
Now you might say, sigh:
"Fate was generous to him",
and present at the table
nod thoughtfully in assent.

who knows, perhaps, you're right. Heap
to its other advantages also farsightedness.
In those years,, when we played in Cha
on the panel near the cinema,
who would have thought about the distance
more than five fingers zyabnuschey,
divaricata between the eagle and tails?

Nobody. Careless wave of farewell
hands at the end of the street turned
first dash radius: the air in foreign lands
more often than anything resembles Whatman,
and traces of rain shades,
untouched blue gum.

who knows, can, just now,
As I write these lines, sitting
brick in a small town
in the center of America, you bredesh
along Mustard building, whose damp walls
languished another generation, staring
in seroburomalinovoe spot
illegal hemisphere.

In short - the worst did not happen.
The worst occurs only
in novels, and topics, Who better than us
so, that they immediately lose
sight, and the echoes of tragedies
mixed with the singing spindle,
as the drone of a distant airplane
buzzing bees stalled in the petals.

We will not see - because
physically strong alternating.
we met, we would not be met,
but that, what was done to our flesh
years, sparing only the bone,
and dog with the nurse did not know
by smell or scar stranger.

Generosity, you say? O yes,
the generosity of the ocean waves to the sliver.
Well, who does not complain about destiny,
that it is not worthy. But if the time
learns about the result of their labors
vagueness of memories
that - I think - and your face
It is quite capable to decorate
bronze statue or - at the bottom of the pocket –
I have not spent a penny.


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Joseph Brodsky
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