Anthem to bribe – Vladimir Mayakovsky

Come and praise me humbly
you, expensive bribe,
all here, from the junior janitor
before, who is woven in gold.

all, who is behind our right hand
dare to reproach the news,
we so, how they don't dream,
punish the bastards for envy.

So that hula no longer dares to rise,
put on uniforms and medals
and, pushing forward a convincing fist,
ask: “Have you seen this??»

If you look from above, you open your mouth.
And every muscle will leap with joy.
Russia - from above - just a vegetable garden,
all poured, blooms and glows.

Has it been seen anywhere, so that the goat stands
and goat laziness to climb into the garden?..
There would be time, I would prove,
which are goat and greens.

And nothing to prove - go and take.
The newspaper scum will cease.
Like rams, you need to cut and shave them.
Why be ashamed in your fatherland?

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