Settled early in my ex - Yesenin

I settled early in my ex -
Drunk nonsense is not gnawing at my heart.
Blue flowers Tehran
I'm flying them now in the tea house.

Chaikhana keeper himself with round shoulders,
To famous Russian teahouse before,
He treats me red tea
Instead of strong vodka and wine.

A feast, master, but not very.
Many roses blooming in your garden.
Nezadarom I blinked eyes,
Priotkinuv black veil.

We in Russia girls spring
On the circuit does not keep, like dogs,
Kissing learn without money,
Without dagger tricks and fights.

Well, and that the movement of the mill,
That face similar to the dawn,
I sell shawl Horossana
And the rug Shiraz gifts.

infusion, master, stronger tea,
I'll never be lied.
For myself, I now answer,
For you can not answer.

And you at the door to glance not very,
All the same, there is a gate in the garden ...
Nezadarom I blinked eyes,
Priotkinuv black veil.

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