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If you finish the days under the wing of a dove,
it is quite possible, time grinder
become a luxury small nations
after a number of combinations
Mars moves closer to the palms;
and the throne did not I fly finger
even in its apogee, in July
in short, if I do not die from bullets,
If I die in bed, in pajamas,
because I belong to the great power,


the twenty years, when my scion,
failing otovarit bay glint,
he can make, I dare
throw your family - through
twenties, surrounded by the care
by reason of insanity, in house pharmacy
I'll come on foot, if you have enough power,
the sole, about you in Russian
I remind. Although against the rules
return for the, the other left.


It is in the sphere of morals deem progress.
In twenty years I'll be behind the chair,
where you are sitting in front of me
in a day, when the body of Christ
ended in crucifixion flour
Passion in you sitting fifth day, arms
crossing, like Bonaparte on Elba.
And on every street corner were white willow.
You put her hands on a green dress,
without risking their opening in arms.


This position, at vsey Friendly,
Gemma is the best for our lives.
And she - not the immobility. Это
apotheosis in ourselves subject:
replacing the simple humility peace.
That is a new kind of Christianity, Kojima
duty to cherish and to be on guard
those, Who, must be, capable, even
when it comes Gabriel with trumpet,
dead continue to subject themselves!


The prophets are not accepted to be healthy.
Divinators bulk maimed. in short,
I'm not a sighted, Naso than Calchas.
Therefore prophesy - still, cactus
or Snapdragon brings to the visor.
Does not matter, that teach the alphabet in Braille.
Hopelessly. items, at least,
on you similar to the touch, in the world,
what is called, cat laugh.
What is your victim, this is the oracle.


You, undoubtedly, forgive me this
gaersky tone. This is the best method
strong feelings of the masses to save
weak. Greek mask principle
back in vogue. For in our time
strong die. Then the tribe
weak - breeds and apart and wholesale.
Take the same today, my postscript
Darwin's theory, tables pozhuhloy,
this new truth jungle.


Twenty years later,, because it is easier to remember
the, that there is no, than make
it is something else outside;
for lack of the right worse,
than your absence, - new Gogol,
I get enough'll be able to, undoubtedly, enough,
without looking backwards, without fear of the former, —
as the magic lantern of Easter
animates under the sounds of water from the tap
the back of an empty chair, as a canvas screen.


In our past - greatness. In the future - prose.
For with empty chair is no longer in demand,
than you, there sitting quietly La Guardia,
hands clasped, as I wrote above.
However, in sum, today embrace
much less than the crucifixion outstretched hands.
So this finding lame singer
now, on Holy Sixty-Seventh,
before me looms likeness veto
to jump in the nineties of the century.


If I do not save that bird,
that is, if it will carry the eggs,
and in this labyrinth without Ariadne
(For in death there are options,
foresee that - the same valor)
I was left alone and, Alas, spodoblyus
cholera, delation, sent to the camp,
then - unless you lie, that Lazarus
He was resurrected, I myself will rise again.
the sooner, know, I draw near to the chair.


However, rush is foolish and sinful. Vale!
That is because there is no place to make haste. Hardly
sturdy chair can face death.
For we, in the East, furniture
It serves three generations in a row.
And I exclude fire and theft.
worse, that can mix it with a bunch of
other at harvest. In that case,
I am even ready to make a notch,
depicting a dove doves.


Suppose now circling, as a bee hive,
general orbits tables and chairs
your seat at the dining room night.
Stigma - no disgrace, and the basis for a new
astronomy, that - move on to a whisper
confirms army-prison experience:
branded items - a source of solid
views of the world from the living and the dead.
So I do not look, in the similar faces,
on similar chairs longingly Ulysses.


I - not the collector of relics. think, if a
this speech is longish, that the question of the chair
just an excuse to get into other areas.
For out of every great faith
stay, usually, only the power.
So judge between the power of love, Kohl things
they, to which you touched today,
I make the - with your life - in shrines.
Look: proof such manners
not the greatness of the singer, but his powers.


Russian eagle, lost crown,
Now resembles a crow.
Him, proud recently, Clack
Now turned into a guttural roar.
This is - old age or eagles - the voice of passion,
turning consequence, echo power.
And a love song - a little quieter.
Love - the feeling of imperial. But you
such, that Russia, to its success,
I can not speak to you differently.


The chair stands and incorporates warm
air hallway. The riser by drop
falls drop from the tap. decently
strekochet Service under the lamp. Smooth
the light falls on the empty walls
and at the flowers in the window, whose shadows
seeking to extend the frame apartment.
And all together creates a picture
that at that moment - and away, and near
it was up to us. And what will happen after.


Good night, And I - not VIGIL.
Goodnight my country for information
personal accounts with me covet out,
Where, through miles or just a miracle,
you turn into a postal address.
Trees rustling outside the window and the outline
The roof is the border of day ...
The stationary body sometimes sanity
It opens in a hand, in oven, flap.
And the pen after you run after him.


not overtook!.. Inasmuch as you are - as a cloud.
That is, the appearance of the Virgin, of course, shape
showers for men. Is not it, Muza?
This causes and death alliance.
For the soul - incorporeal. well, the farther
you from me. not overtook!.. give
goodbye hands. Thanks for that.
Stately our separation, for
parting forever. ceases zither.
Forever - not a word, and really figure,
whose zeros, when we were overgrown with grass,
block the era and century with a vengeance.


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