laundry bridge

F. W.

Laundry on the bridge, where we are with you
upodoblyalys arrow dial,
Hug twelve before,
if not for a day, and forever leave,
- here today, Laundry on the bridge,
fisherman, suffering Narcissus complex,
stares, forgetting float,
unsteady on your image.

River it something Young, the ages.
That exude youthful features,
it is incident on the forehead wrinkles.
He took our place. Well, he is right!
Recently, all the, that alone,
It symbolizes a different time;
and that - in the space of a warrant. Let be
He looks relaxed in our water
and even finds himself. His
the river is now rightly belongs,
as a house, in which a mirror made,
but did not live.


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Joseph Brodsky
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