Nowhere with Love, Eleventh martobrya…

Nowhere with Love, Eleventh martobrya,
expensive, respected, Pretty, but it does not matter
even someone, for facial, speaking
frankly, not remember, is not your, but
and welcomes you nobody's best friend with one
of the five continents, keep on cowboys;
I loved you more, than the angels, and of the,
and so on now on you, than both of them;
Late night, asleep in the valley, at the bottom,
in town, snowbound on the door handle,
writhing on the sheets at night –
but below said at least –
I whip pillow moo "you"
beyond the seas, which end in sight,
in the dark all over your features,
how crazy mirror repeating.

1975 – 1976

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Joseph Brodsky
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