Twice I woke up that night
and I walked to the window, and the lights in the window,
scrap phrases, said during a dream,
nullifying, like mnogotochyyu
I did not bring consolation.

You dreamed of me pregnant, and so,
lived so many years with you apart,
I felt guilty, and hands,
I am feeling happy to belly,
in practice nasharivat pants

and switch. And Brad the window,
I knew, Which leaves you alone
there, In the dark, in a dream, where patiently
I am waiting for you, and do not put the blame,
when I returned, break

intentional. For in the dark –
it takes the, that fell through when the light.
We married there, are married, we are
dvuspinnye monster, and children
a justification of our nakedness.

In some future night
you come back tired, thin,
and I see a son or daughter,
yet-untitled, - then I
no turf to switch on and off

hands not last longer, not entitled
leave you in the kingdom of shadows,
voiceless, front fence days,
flowing dependent on waking,
my inaccessibility it.

11 February 1971

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Joseph Brodsky
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