Dido and Aeneas

The great man looked out the window,
and the whole world has ended for her edge
its broad, Greek tunics,
The abundance of folds march on
stop the sea.
he also
I am looking out the window, and view it now
I was so far from these places, lips
frozen, exactly sink, Where
lies rumble, and the horizon in the glass
was motionless.
And her love
It was a fish - maybe capable
indulge in the sea after the ship
and, Breaking the Waves flexible body,
perhaps, overtake him… but he –
mentally he has set foot on dry land.
And the sea turned into a sea of ​​tears.
But, as known, just a minute
despair and begins to blow
tailwind. And a great man
pokinul Carthage.
she stood
before the fire, which kindled
under the walls of its soldiers,
and seen, in the haze of campfire,
Shivering between the flame and smoke,
silently crumbled Carthage

long before Cato prophecy.


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Joseph Brodsky
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