August lovers

August lovers,
August lovers come with flowers,
Invisible calls of their grand attract,
August lovers in red shirts
with half-open mouths
Flashed at crossroads,
disappear in the lanes,
By area, run.
August lovers
The evening air imps
Red-white line of shirts
Owl colors,
Open windows between the black shine parade,
And they all go, all run on some call.
That night life, That evening walks through the city,
Here he paints trees , lights a lamp, varnishes cars,
In the narrow alleys hastily ringing cathedrals,
Go back, access to the balcony, Throw coat.
see, August lovers run downstairs with flowers
Blue jets advertisements rainwater from roofs,
Here you look down, never change places
Never with anyone, did you say to yourself.
Here and flowers and an apartment with a new love,
With the young whipping, overlooking the new circle,
Giving himself to the new cries and new blood,
giving himself, producing flowers from hand.
The new night noise, no return, on a new life,
That no one will be held under your balcony to you
And it will not be for you, and will not, will not close
Than himself to himself, than to their colors, than themselves.

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Joseph Brodsky
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