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Do not be afraid, Beauty mladaya,
Though to me alone;
Shame unnecessary driving away,
Come on - give me a hand.
Not Tepla your skylights,
Not a soft bed your,
But to thy mouth, damsel,
I put myself - I get warm.

From neskromnogo nevezhdы
Curtain with a tissue box;
Well, - Skidan their clothes,
Do not be stubborn, two of us;
At feasts for the full cup,
I swear, I do not tell
About our mutual passion;
So rather well ... I tremble.

ABOUT! As full, how beautiful,
Breasts your hot,
as blush, voluptuous
Prev moment of love;
That's little feet,
That round supple waist,
Under the shirt just a little bit
You hide your mascot;

Before to lose
his integrity,
So you're innocent, what, crease,
I, loving you, - the villain.
look, bent at the knee,
As if begging mercy;
but terrible, my friend Lena,
One moment may not be.

Full of sweet expectation
I just cherish your eyes;
You yourself, eager,
I call a hand;
And then the soul forgets
Всё, that it is given to flour,
And happiness we wake
depletion of one.

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