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In my anguish Childishness loves sultry
Already I began to understand the soul of the troubled;
I sleep on a soft bed more than once in the darkness of night,
By the light quivering shaped lamps,
imagination, foreboding tormented,
I betrayed my mind dream invincible.
I saw a female face, he was still small as ice,
And the eyes - the eyes in my breast lives;
conscience, it keeps the soul of crime;
He is the only trace of infant vision,
And I loved the maiden bubbly, how to love
Can ever since, will not, may be.
When the ghost flew my precious,
I alone threw his gaze embarrassed
On the walls yellow, and it seemed, shadows with them
I went slowly to my feet.
And gloomily, they, memory was
About tom, that only a dream, and in the meantime so cute.

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