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It happened in the last few years the mighty Rome,
He reigned formidable Tiberius and ruthlessly persecuted Christians;
But every day in place of severed branches, in dreva
Church of Christ the young shoots were green again.
In the secret cave, over the Tiber revuschym, while hiding
righteous elder, fasting and praying before reaching his century;
God has his people in his grace glorified.
He received a wonderful gift: heal physical ailments
And from suffering mental. Early in the morning, one day,
bitter weeping, It comes to him a simple old woman
title, - with her and her husband, silent grief filled,
She asks to revive her daughter, suddenly in the prime of
Virgin living dead ... - "That's really two days and two nights, –
So she said, - we are our gods relentlessly
I pray in the temples and Zem aromas on the cold marble,
Gold rolling in their priests and weeping, - but it is useless!
If you knew our Virginia, the pity hesitating b
your heart, indifferent to the charms of the world! How often
decrepit old men, admiring the white shoulders, wavy curls,
On her dark eyes, younger,; and young men passionate
Her gaze accompanied, when, singing simple
song, amphora holding over the head gently, footpath
By the Tiber down to the waters it ... Or to dance,
Before the house threshold, girlfriends won art,
sonorous, childish laughter parent hearing comforting ...
Only recently it has changed markedly;
Games bored her, and look otumanilsya Duma;
The house she began to leave before dawn, returning
dark night, and nights spent without sleep ... When the light
Later I saw the lamps again, how is she, on your knees,
Quiet, hard and long prayed, - who? - unknown!..
We convened the elders and relatives for advice; We decided to ... "

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