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What is the use to live!.. without incident
And with the adventure - longing
Everywhere, as the restless genius,
As a faithful wife, close;
Perfectly with the noisy crowd to be,
Sitting behind a stone wall,
Love and hate are conscious of,
To talk about this again;
Unwittingly learn everywhere
By the importance of the proud person
The man stupid flatterer
And in every woman Judas.
And good enough to consider -
All the fun die.

the end! How loudly the word,
How many - little thoughts in it;
Last groan - and you're done,
Without further inquiries - and then?
The offspring you dutifully put in grave,
And worms your skeleton obglozhut,
And there is the heir to a good hour
Giving you the monument.
I forgive you every offense
Out of the goodness of his soul,
For the benefit of your (and churches)
celebrated, right, requiem,
which (I'm afraid to say)
Not to hear you.

And if you died in the faith,
As a Christian, this granite
Forty years, at least,
The name of your saves;
When is hesitating too cemetery,
That narrow your home
Razroyut boldly hand ...
And the coffin put to you another.
And in silence lies with you next
maid tender, one,
honey, submissive, though pale;
But no breath, or look
Not troubled your peace -
What a bliss, Oh my God!

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