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Drummer! Poor boy!
Left and right do not look!
The entrances to the people
With God's thunder on the chest.

Not a mercenary you - the entire burden
on his chest, not on the back!
The first death is thrown into the throat
On his feet - like a horse!

The mother ran a ripe rye,
The mother cried in the cloud,
Vozzyvala: - Mother of God,
Saving my son!

Poor mother in the window
Ever ruffled scarf.
- Where are you, camping sun!
Scarlet Flower camp!

And on the other hand - what will -
The apprentice - elder brother,
Average field, the third school,
I am alone - already a soldier!

Come out intact from the hassle -
What a joy, for honor,
Like beauty-canteen-keeper
We podneset cup!

Unter murmurs: - Source, malchonka!
Early began - not good!
- Early beginnings - soon finished!
Who will drink, Kohl die?

And catch up with death-she-wolf -
All I have here - all there for long!
Emperor - the capital,
Drummer - Snow.

And for me - even bottom of the sea!
Let me seize the devil!
When Toth own way hand.
I was wearing a cross on his chest!

11 November 1918


Wet behind the ears,
Day and night in Kolocha drum.
The mother was deaf from the roar,
His father patted him on the shoulder.

Mother and cries and groans and grieves,
But his father's word - the law:
- Let him go serve the Emperor, —
drummer, it is seen, Birthday.

They took hundreds kingdom, - capital Cities
Casually shoved in his pocket.
Pores sudbi Austerlitz
Two: sun - and my drum.

There have also fallen, fallen same
For the greatness of imperial banners!
Rejoice, drum skin!
drummer, it is seen, Birthday!

We drove the Germans into the den.
Rider. I - Drum salute.
hands crossed. The hat trirogoy.
- Age? - Ten. - At least if, plut?

- Was alone, - the same growth did not come out.
Higher than the sun are now lifted!
- You be quiet, družoček, Potis!
drummer, it is seen, Birthday!

Up from us Virgin,
I did not go to the Muscovite wolves.
Next - worse. In captivity - Emperor,
On the shelves of true despair.

And my companion is silent the best,
This hand is nailed to the wall.
And no one will beat him handle:
drummer, it is seen, Birthday!

12 November 1918

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