Gluttony – Roots Chukovsky

I had a sister,
She sat by the fire
And I caught a big sturgeon in the fire.

But there was a sturgeon
Heath Ledger
And dived into the fire again.

And she remained hungry,
She was left without lunch.
I haven't eaten anything for three days,
She didn't have a crumb in her mouth.
I only ate, poor fellow,
That fifty piglets,
Yes fifty goslings,
Yes, a dozen chickens,
Yes, a dozen ducklings,
Yea piece of the pie
A little more than that haystack,
Yes twenty kegs
Salty honey mushrooms,
Yes four pots
Yes thirty bundles
Yes forty four pancakes.
And she was so thin with hunger,
That she won't enter now
Into this door.
And if it enters which one,
So not back, neither forward.

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Joseph Brodsky