Crocodile – Korney Chukovsky

Part one


Once upon a time
He walked the streets,
He smoked cigarettes.
Spoke Turkish,-
Crocodile, Crocodile Crocodilovich!


And for him, the people
And sings and yells:
- Here is a freak so freak!
What a nose, what a mouth!
And where does such a monster come from?


High school students behind him,
Chimney sweeps behind him,
And push him.
Offend him;
And some kid
Showed him shish,
And some watchdog
Bit him in the nose.-
Bad barbos, ill-mannered.


Crocodile looked back
And the watchdog swallowed.
Swallowed it with a collar.


The people got angry,
And calling, and yells:
- hey, keep it,
Yes knit it,
Yes, take the police soon!


He runs into the tram,
Everybody screams:- Ah-ah-ah!-
And running,
In the corners:
- Help! Save! Have mercy!


The policeman ran up:
- What's that noise? What a howl?
How dare you walk here,
Speak turkish?
Crocodiles are not allowed to walk here.


Crocodile grinned
And the poor man swallowed,
Swallowed with boots and saber.


Everyone trembles with fear.
Everyone screams in fear.
Only one
Didn't scream,
Didn't tremble -
This is the valiant Vanya Vasilchikov.


He is a fighter,
Well done,
He is a hero
He walks the streets without a nanny.


He said: - You are the villain.
Devouring people,
So for this my sword -
Your head off your shoulders!-
And waved his toy saber.


And the Crocodile said:
- You defeated me!
Don't ruin me, Vanya Vasilchikov!
Have pity on my crocodiles!
Crocodiles in the Nile splash,
They are waiting for me with tears,
Let me go to the kids, Vanechka,
I'll give you a gingerbread for that.


Vanya Vasilchikov answered him:
- Though I feel sorry for your crocodiles,
but you, bloodthirsty reptile,
I'll chop up now, like beef.
To me, glutton, nothing to feel sorry for you:
You ate a lot of human meat.


And the crocodile said:
- All, what i swallowed,
I'll give it back to you with joy!


And now alive
Appeared instantly in front of the crowd:
Crocodile's womb
Didn't hurt him.


And friend
One jump
From the mouth of the Crocodile
Well dance with joy,
Vanina's cheeks lick.


The trumpets sounded,
The guns ignited!
Very happy Petrograd -
Everyone cheers and dances,
Vanya dear kiss,
And from every yard
Loud "hurray" is heard.
The whole capital was decorated with flags.


Savior of Petrograd
From a fierce reptile,
Long live Vanya Vasilchikov!


And give him as a reward
One hundred pounds of grapes,
One hundred pounds of marmalade,
One hundred pounds of chocolate
And a thousand servings of ice cream!


And the furious reptile
Down with Petrograd:
Let him go to his crocodiles!


He jumped into an airplane,
Flew, like a hurricane,
And never looked back,
And dashed off with an arrow
To the side, dear,
On which it is written: "Africa".


Jumped into the Nile
Straight into the mud
Where did his wife Krokodilitsa live?,
His children are a wet-nurse.

Part two


Says his sad wife:
- I suffered with the kids alone:
That Kokoshenka smites Leshenka,
That Lelioshenka Kokoshenka tuzit.
And Totoshenka nailed today:
Drank a whole bottle of ink.
I put him on his knees
And left him without sweet.
Kokoshenka had a strong fever all night:
He swallowed a samovar by mistake,-
Yes, thanks, our pharmacist Behemoth
Put a frog on his stomach.-
The unfortunate Crocodile was saddened
And dropped a tear on my belly:
- How are we going to live without a samovar?
How can we drink tea without a samovar??


But then the doors opened,
Beasts appeared at the door:
Hyenas, widows, elephants,
And ostriches, and boars,
And the Elephant-
They flaunted,
Stopud merchant's wife,
And the Giraffe -
Important graph,
Vyshinoyu with telegraph,-
All friends are friends,
All relatives and godfathers.
Well a neighbor hug,
Well neighbor kiss:
- Give us gifts overseas!


Crocodile answers:
- I have not forgotten anyone,
And for each of you
I stocked up on presents!
Leo -
Monkey -
Orlu -
Hippo -
Buffalo is a bitch,
Ostrich - a pipe,
Elephant - candy,
And the elephant - a pistol ...


Only Totoshenka,
Only Kokoshenka
Did not give
Nothing at all.

Crying Totosha with Kokosha:
- Daddy, you're not good:
Even for the stupid Sheep
Do you have lollipops.
We are not strangers to you,
We are your own children,
So why, from what
You didn't bring us anything?


Smiled, laughed Crocodile:
- No, rogues, I have not forgotten you:
Here's a fragrant Christmas tree, green,
Brought from far from Russia,
All are hung with wonderful toys,
Gilded nuts, crackers.
So we'll light the candles on the Christmas tree.
So we will sing songs to the Christmas tree:
"You served the children.
Serve us now, and for us, and for us!»


As the elephants heard about the Christmas tree,
Jaguars, baboons, wild boar,
Hands immediately
To celebrate, we took
And around the Christmas tree
Squatting rushed.
No problem, what, having danced, hippopotamus
Poured a chest of drawers on Crocodile,
And with a run the cool-horned Rhino
Horn, horn caught on the threshold.
Brother, so funny, how fun jackal
I started dancing on the guitar!
Even butterflies rested on their sides,
Trepaka danced with mosquitoes.
Siskins and bunnies are dancing in the woods,
Crayfish dancing, perches dance in the seas,
Worms and spiders are dancing in the field,
Ladybugs and bugs are dancing.


Suddenly the drums beat,
The monkeys came running:
- Tram-tam-tam! Tram-tam-tam!
Hippopotamus is coming to us.
- To us -

- Himself -
- There -

Brother, what a growl rose,
Squealing, and bleating, and hum:
- Is it a joke, because the Hippopotamus himself
Will please here to us!

The crocodile rather ran away
She combed both Kokoša and Totoša.
A worried, trembling crocodile
I swallowed a napkin out of excitement.

* Some think, like a hippopotamus
and Hippo are the same. This is not true.
Behemoth Apothecary, and Hippopotamus is the king.


And the Giraffe,
Although a count,
Perched on a wardrobe.
And from there
All the dishes fell!
And the snakes
Put on liveries,
Rustling along the alley,
Hurry up quickly
Meet the young king!


And the Crocodile is on the doorstep
Kisses the guest's feet:
- Say, Lord, what star
I showed you the way here?

And the king says to him:- Monkeys told me yesterday.
That you have traveled to distant countries,
Where toys grow on trees
And cheesecakes are falling from the sky,
So I came here to listen to wonderful toys
And eat heavenly cheesecakes.

And says Crocodile:
- Please, your majesty!
Chicken, put on the samovar!
Totosha, light the electricity!


And speaks to the Hippopotamus:
- Oh Crocodile, tell us,
What have you seen in a foreign land,
And while I take a nap.

And the sad Crocodile got up
And spoke slowly:

- Find out, lovely friends,
My soul is shaken,
I saw so much sorrow there,
That even you, Gippopotam,
And then I would howl, like a puppy,
When I could see him.
There are our brothers, like hell -
In the Zoological Garden.

ABOUT, this garden, terrible garden!
I would be glad to forget him.
There, under the scourges of the watchmen
A lot of animals suffer,
They moan, and name,
And heavy chains gnaw,
But they can't get out here
From cramped cells never.

There an elephant is fun for children,
Silly kids toy.
There is a human small fry
Deer pulls horns
And the buffalo tickles the nose,
As if the buffalo is a dog.
Вы помните, lived between us
One funny crocodile ...
He is my nephew. I him
I loved, as his son.
He was a prankster, and dancer,
And naughty, and gull,
And now there in front of me,
Jaded, half-dead,
In a dirty tub he lay
AND, umiraya, he told me:
"I do not curse the executioners,
Nor their chains, nor their whips,
But you, traitors friends,
I send the curse.
You are so powerful, so strong,
Widows, buffalo, elephants,
We are every day and every hour
From our prisons they called you
And waited, believed, what is
Liberation will come,
That you will rush here,
To destroy forever
Human, evil cities,
Where are your brothers and sons
Doomed to live in captivity!»-
Said and died.
I stood
And he gave terrible vows
To take revenge on villains people
And free all the beasts.
Get up, sleepy beast!
Leave your lair!
Plunge into a fierce enemy
Fangs, and claws, and horns!

There is one among the people -
Stronger than all heroes!
He is terribly formidable, terribly angry,
His name is Vasilchikov.
And I'm behind his head
I would not regret anything!


The brutes bristled and, grinning, shout:
"So take us to the damn Zoo.",
Where our brothers are in captivity behind bars!
We will break the bars, we will break the shackles,
And we will save our unfortunate brothers from captivity.
And we gore the villains, we experience, we will bite!

Through swamps and sands
Animal regiments are coming,
Their voivode is ahead,
Arms crossed over chest.
They go to Petrograd,
They want to eat it,
And all the people,
And all the children
They will eat without pity.
Oh poor, poor Petrograd!

Part three


Sweet little girl Lyalechka!
She walked with the doll
And on Tavricheskaya street
Suddenly I saw an Elephant.

Oh god, what a horror!
Lyalya runs and shouts.
Lo and behold, in front of her from under the bridge
Keith stuck his head out.

Lyalechka cries and backs away,
Lyalechka is calling mom ...
And in the alley on a bench
Scary Sitting Hippo.

snakes, jackal and buffalo
Everywhere hisses and growls.
Poor, poor Lyalechka!
Run without looking back!

The doll climbs a tree,
She hugged the doll to her chest.
Poor, poor Lyalechka!
What's up there ahead?

Ugly stuffed monster
Bites its fanged mouth,
Stretches, reaches for Lyalechka,
Lyalechka wants to steal.

Lyalechka jumped from a tree,
The monster jumped to her.
Grabbed poor Doll
And ran away soon.

And on Tavricheskaya street
Mommy Lialechka is waiting:
- Where is my dear Lyalechka?
Why doesn't she go?


Wild gorilla
Lyalya dragged away
And along the sidewalk
I ran galloping.

Higher, above, above,
Here she is on the roof.
On the seventh floor
Jumping, like a ball.

Fluttered on the pipe,
Soot scooped up,
Smeared Lyalya,
Villages on the cornice.

Villages, dozed off,
Lyalya shook
And with a terrible cry
Rushed down.


Close windows, close the doors,
Get under the bed as soon as possible,
Because the wicked, furious beasts
They want you apart, tear apart!

Who, I tremble with fear, hid in the closet,
Who's in the doghouse, who is in the attic ...
Daddy buried himself in an old suitcase,
Uncle under the couch, aunt in the chest.


Where is there such
Daring hero,
That will beat the crocodile horde?

Which of the fierce claws
Angry beasts
Will rescue our poor Lyalechka?

Where are you, daredevils,
Well done, brave?
What are you, like cowards, hid?

Come out soon,
Drive the beasts away,
Protect the unfortunate Lyalechka!

Everybody is sitting, and are silent,
AND, like rabbits, tremble,
And they won't stick their nose out into the street!

Only one citizen
Does not run, does not tremble -
This is the valiant Vanya Vasilchikov.

He's no lions, no elephants,
No dashing boars
Not afraid, of course, not a bit!


They growl, they screech,
They want to ruin him,
But Vanya boldly goes to them
And the pistol gets out.

Pif-paf!- and the furious jackal
Faster than a doe galloped away.

Pif-paf!- and Buffalo nautyok.
Behind him in a fright Rhino.

Pif-paf!- and Hippopotamus himself
Runs on their heels.

And soon the wild horde
Disappeared in the distance without a trace.

And Vanya is happy, what's in front of him
Enemies scattered like smoke.

He is a winner! He is a hero!
He saved his native land again.

And again from every yard
"Hurray" is heard to him.

And again cheerful Petrograd
He brings him chocolate.

But where is Lyalya? Lyalya no!
A trace of the girl disappeared!

what, if greedy crocodile
I grabbed it and swallowed it?


Vanya rushed after the evil beasts:
- Beasts, give me Lyalya back!-
The wild beasts sparkle with their eyes,
Lyalya do not want to give.

- How dare you,- cried the Tiger,
Come to us for your sister,
If my dear sister
Languishing in your cage, in humans!

No, you break these nasty cells,
Where for the amusement of two-legged guys
Our native hairy kids,
Like in a prison, sitting behind bars!

There are iron doors in every menagerie
Thou shalt open for captive animals,
So that from there unfortunate animals
We could get out soon!

If our beloved guys
They will return to our family,
If the cubs return from captivity,
Lion cubs with foxes and cubs -
We will give you your Lyalya.


But here from every yard
The kids ran to Vanya:

- Take us, Vanya, on the enemy.
We are not afraid of his horns!

And the fight broke out! War! War!
And now Lyalya is saved.


And Vanyusha cried out:
- Rejoice, beasts!
To your people
I give freedom.
I give freedom!

I will break the cells,
I will scatter the chains.
Iron bars
I will break forever!

Live in Petrograd,
In comfort and coolness.
But only, God works,
Don't eat anyone:

Not a bird, not a kitten,
Not a small child,
No Lalechka's mother,
Not my dad!

Let your food be -
Only tea, to sour,
Yes buckwheat porridge
And nothing more.

(Then the voice rang out Kokoshi:
- Can I eat galoshes?
But Vanya answered:- Not even,
God save you.)

- Walk along the boulevards,
In shops and bazaars,
Walk wherever you want,
Nobody bother you!

Live with us,
And be friends:
We've been fighting enough
And the roofs spilled!

We'll break our guns,
We'll bury the bullets,
And you cut yourself
Hooves and horns!

Bulls and rhinos,
Elephants and octopuses,
Hug each other,
Let's go dance!


And then grace came:
No one else to kick and butt.

Go boldly towards the Rhino -
He will give way to the insect.

Rhino is now polite and meek:
Where is his old frightening horn?

The Tigress is walking along the boulevard
Lyalya is not afraid of her at all:

Why be afraid, when the animals
Now there are no horns, no claws!

Vanya sits down on the Panther
AND, triumphantly, rushing down the street.

Or will he saddle the Eagle
And flies into the skies, like an arrow.

The animals love Vanya so affectionately,
Animals spoil him and dove.

Vanyusha's wolves bake pies,
Rabbits brush his boots.

In the evenings, the quick-eyed Serna
Vanya and Lyala are read by Jules Verne,

And at night a young Behemoth
He sings lullabies to them.

Children crowded around the Bear
Bear gives each one a candy.

Won, views, along the Neva along the river
The Wolf and the Lamb are sailing in the canoe.

Happy people, and beasts, and reptiles,
The camels are happy, and the buffaloes are happy.

Today he came to visit me -
Who would you think?- the Crocodile himself.

I sat the old man on the sofa,
Gave him a glass of sweet tea.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Vanya ran in
AND, as a dear, kissed him.

Here comes the holidays! Glorious Christmas tree
Will be with the gray wolf today.

There will be many happy guests.
Let's go, children, there quickly!

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