Spring day, the thirtieth of April - Pasternak

Spring day, the thirtieth of April
Since the dawn given to children.
Captured fitting necklace,
He barely controlled to the dawn.

As mountain mint berries under the gauze,
Pops city out of muslin.
In the streets of the ranks scanty dwarf
Avenues are pulling their twilight.

Evening peace always bud eve.
This special initiative Well.
He will flourish ever commune
In May crossed many anniversaries.
He will be a day long reconstruction,
Pre-cleanings and austere,
As before him troytsy birch
AND, how to them, lights panateney.
Still will beat softened sand
And of illuminated cornice
Drags a beet and mec. All the same
The collection points deliver actresses.
And will vigorously for three sailors
Walk around the squares, skirting turf.
And by night a month in the streets votretsya,
Like a dead city and cooled horn.
But with each anniversary all terry
Rose tight deposit will bloom,
Ever more clearly coming health,
And all the more noticeable the sincerity and honor.
All disheveled, all polypetalous
Retire to be the first day of
live manners, skills and songs
In meadows and arable land and fishing.
Till, as the smell of wet tsentifoly,
not break out, not expressed aloud,
He can not fail to affect captive
Mature years fermented spirit.

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