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ABOUT. BUT. Kuzmina-Karavaeva

"We would only get to the seaside,
My dear!"-" Silent ... »
And we began to descend the stairs,
choking, We are looking for keys.

by buildings, where we once
dancing, drank wine,
Past the white columns of the Senate,
There, where the dark, dark.

"What are you doing, are you mad!» —
"Not, I love only you!
That evening - a broad and noisy,
It will be fun ship!»

Throat tightly compressed horror,
We took the shuttle in the dark ...
Strong smell of marine rope
Trembling nostrils burned.

"Tell, you know maybe:
I do not sleep? This is what happens in a dream ... "
Only oars splashed rhythmically
Weightlifting Neva wave.

A black sky dawn,
We called someone from the bridge,
I pressed both hands
On the chest of the cross chain.

exhausted, in the hands of you,
like a girl, has made me,
To deck white yacht
Meet the imperishable light of the day.

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