Pushkino - Akhmatova

And Tsarskoe Selo hranitelnye seni ...
ABOUT, Woe is me! They burned you ...
ABOUT, a meeting, that the separation harder!..
There was a fountain, high alley,
Gromada ancient away Park,
Dawn was itself alley,
In April, the smell of earth and Salduls,
And the first kiss ...

This willow sheets in the nineteenth century faded ...
That in line verse serebritsya fresh hundredfold,
Wild rose hips began to purple,
A lyceum hymns still grace-sound.
Half a century has passed ... Generously charged wondrous fate,
I'm delirious days forgotten during the years, —
And there will not be back! But I will take and fly with him
Contours live my Tsarskoye Selo Gardens.

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Joseph Brodsky
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