In the cool of the sweet fountains - Pushkin

In the cool of the sweet fountains
And the walls, sprinkle round,
Therefore I am comforted Khans
Verses rattlesnake pearls.

On the thread idle fun
He is a cunning hand bottom
Transparent flattery necklaces
And brushes mudrosti zlatoy.

Crimea loved sons Saadi,
Sometimes east rhetorician
Here he developed his notebooks
And surprised Bakhchisarai.

His stories were spread,
As Erivan carpets,
And they were decorated with brightly
Giray Khan's feasts.

But no magician dear,
Possessor of mental gifts,
I do not invent with such force,
So artfully tales and poems,

As insightful and winged
The poet of the wonderful side,
Where the men of Grozny and shaggy,
A guriyam wife are.

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