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She came from the wild gave -
Night daughter other times.
Her family did not meet,
No shone over horizon.

But sphinx with badly weathered face
Over ispolinskoyu Nevo
She met with a little cry
By night the snow storm.

Sometimes, blizzard her osypetsya
stars shoulders, chest and mill, –
All dreams of her native Egypt
Through the dim northern fog.

And the city of my iron-gray,
where the wind, rain, and swell, and gloom,
With some strange faith
She is, as a kingdom, took.

She began to like masses,
Asleep at night off the beaten path,
And in the windows of quiet lamps
Merged with the dream of her soul.

She learned swell and smokes,
Lights, and gloom, and home -
The whole city is my incomprehensible -
Nepostizhimaya alone.

She gives me a ring blizzard
for this, that my cloak full of stars,
for this, I'm in a steel chain mail,
And chain mail - rigorous cross.

She looks straight into my eyes,
Praising nerobkogo enemy.
With its fields cold nights
In my spirit break in the snow.

But the heart of the Snow Maiden Nemo
And never accept a sword,
To belt steel helmet
Hand passionately dissect.

And I, as the leader of the hostile armies of,
Always clad in armor,
Dream solemn embrace
In the holy trembling keep.

17 October 1907

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