Anna Akhmatova

When she was first introduced to the church
child, It was within the number of
of people, stationed there permanently,
Holiness Simeon and the prophetess Anna.

And the old man took the baby out of the hands
Mary; and three people around
baby standing, as a shaky frame,
that morning, lost in the darkness of the temple.

The temple surround them, as a missed first trimester forest.
From the looks of the people and from the eyes of heaven
tops hide, being able to sprawl,
that morning Mary, prophetess, elder.

And only on the crown of random beam
Light falling baby; but nothing
I did not know and still snoring sleepy,
resting on the strong hands of Simeon.

And it was told the old man to this,
about that, that he sees the darkness of death
not before, son than see the Lord.
happened. And the old man murmured: “Today,

once spoken words are stored,
You peace, Lord, let me go,
then that my eyes have seen this
child: he - Your continuation and light

source for honoring idols tribes,
and the glory of Israel in it.” - Simeon
umolknul. Their silence surrounded vseh.
An echo of the words, touching the rafters,

It circled for a while after
over their heads, gently rustling
under the arches of the temple, as a kind of bird,
that the power to fly, but can not go down.

And strange it was. there was silence
no less strange, what it. confused,
Mary was silent. "Words, what are…»
And the old man said,, Turning to Mary:

“The lying now your ramen
The fall of one, Upland other,
prerekaniy subject and occasion k contention.
And with the same weapon, Maria, which

tormented his flesh will, yours
soul will be wounded. And this wound
will see you, that is hidden deep
in the hearts of men, as a kind of an eye”.

He finished and walked to the exit. following
Maria, sutulyas, and the weight of years
Anna crouching silently stared.
He was walking, decreasing in importance and in the body

for these two women in the shadow of the columns.
Almost customize their views, he
He walked in silence on the empty temple
to belevshemu vaguely doorway.

And the pace was an old man hard.
Only the voice of the prophetess back when
there was, he held his little step:
but there it hailed, a God

Prophetess praise has already started.
And the door was coming. Clothes and chela
so the wind touched, and in the ears stubbornly
burst noise of life for the temple walls.

He was dying. And not in a street rumble
he, The door opened arms, stepped,
but in possession death deaf.
He walked in space, solid deprivation,

he heard, that time, lost sound.
And the image of the child with a brightness was about
fluffy crown death Path
Simeon soul carrying a pre

like a lamp, in the black darkness,
which hitherto has anyone
illuminate the road itself did not happen.
Light Fixtures, and the trail widened.

16 February 1972

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