Consciousness, the sixth lesson…

Consciousness, the sixth lesson,
displays walls of the treasury
child on the threshold of the night.
He is dragged into the darkness and then,
to, tucham showed the finger
Sinking in the snow on graveyard,
make the sign of the cross itself here
the church in human growth.
Accumulations of dead birds and.
But life is a moment
in the space between two Hands
and apart from them. From them.
though, push forward,
So mournful look busy,
so constricted heart, the mouth
Do not try to breathe space.
And just behind the back garden
off the edge of the unknown
calls him, as the way back,
friend, as a dog barking.
Yes, in the clouds of cold holes
moon trying to shine,
to tell, that new world
fence shows the way.

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Joseph Brodsky
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