outside darkens, true - turns blue, Exactly - blacken…

outside darkens, true - turns blue, Exactly - blacken.
Trees in the window cancels, sofa komneet.
I ran out of gas per day, lamp will not turn on
and furniture in the room together in the darkness Kanu.
It is time to recognize a surface and, with her, inclination
to the surface, leave claims to animate;
crunch joints, remember bark, roots and,
brushing off the dust, present the combustion process.
Thief, The script polovitsey, groping around like Shiva,
Oh no, I stumbled on something solid, by ushiba.
But as the anti-theft protection, the more - call,
it is better to latch and shouting "Stop thief".

It's getting dark, Exactly - blacken, - or rather, stiffens,
crossing the line, for which the person durneet,
and on its ruins, squatting and how horrible,
incognizance ruled similarity Ball.
Finally, darkness are the number of fibers,
is no longer considered the existence of windows,
unable to submit, how the thing got stronger
or blinded by the prospects of ash
and as a result - dark, true - rovneet, Exactly - dlinneet.
Nezryachest gets stronger, grain krupneet;
your pupil dilates, and, as if in response to this,
in the brain in full light inflames anti-light.

So vanish from sight; but the real finish
not there, where a couch against a wall pridvinesh,
but in its many-legged after midnight, close-up
tearing the ribbon with the inscription "Herculaneum".


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Joseph Brodsky
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