Vladimir Uflyand

There was no Ivanova, nor Sidorova, our Petrova.
There was only a green meadow and a cow on it.
Away on rails running steel chain wagons.
And one of them went on vacation to the south Semenov.
As time went on anyway. Time, probably, would go,
whether or not the cow, or meadows: our green, or womb.
And if Ivanov, Petrov and Sidorov was,
Semenov and would go by in a car.
Think about it and, I met the eyes of a meadow,
shiver and turn away - most likely with a fright:
if immobility is really the mother of Movements,
then why they have different expressions?
And not only those, but - more importantly - the body?
The similarity of their only, that they do not limit,
while there Semenov: while he, distant scion
time, there are so, that he was going on vacation;
as long as the train moos, car is green, green korovoy bredyt;
as long as time goes on, Semenov and rides.


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