At a debate with himself…

At a debate with himself
a night
ubiv, swallow the smoke,
do not mind
nabryakshuyu in throat
hand to climb.
The buttons on the brink
willing to spend.

Repairing itself pravezh,
heart, the mind,
sometimes izvedesh
this darkness
and time and words,
that aching chest,
that the mirror is ready to
often look.

But it's just you,
and your life
stacked traits in
faces, end
whose firm
in trouble, in work
and, apparently, alien
any environment.

But it's just you.
Your face
for arguing couple
just ring.
Do not blame the mirror,
that skrivlen mouth:
you Lot's wife
and he himself Lot.

But it's just you.
And your background - hell.
Look without the hassle
forward. ago
see without horror.
Be straight and proud,
razdroblen iznutri,
firm to the touch.


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Joseph Brodsky
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