With sea views

AND. n. Medvedeva


October. sea ​​morning
He lays his cheek on the breakwater.
Acacia pods in the wind,
like rain on the corrugated iron,
tap dance beat. Ray
lights, risen out of the sea,
rather shrill, than the stinging;
his piercing echoing,
Grounded on the oars rowers
look at the snow-capped teeth.


As long as the hand of a brave
Zюйd news, of invisible fingers,
combs clouds,
Agave in explosives and palms
producing a stir,
fait toilet without soap
prophet, flatfooted
in the creation of an idol,
his first coffee drinkers have
on the waterfront in a negligee.


Then he jumps, being baptized,
in surf, but in a fight melee
he crashes. Obzavedyasy
a kiosk press yesterday,
it is placed in one
Aluminum chairs;
rotting barges upside down,
smokes on the horizon cruiser,
and dry seaweed on
nape flat boulder.


Then he leaves the Breg.
He climbs up the hill without effort.
He returned to the ark
of oleander and bougainvillea,
so fused with the mountain,
that the bottom flow gives as,
when through the brush at times
prohlyadыvaet bottom bay;
and a table is placed in the ark,
long-abandoned cattle.


Pen. Inkwell. Heat.
And cling to the soles of linoleum…
And it runs from the pen
not about the future, but about the past;
then that the author of these lines,
whose insight eagle
would envy, prophet,
which is now refuted,
lost thirst prophesy,
lyre trying to rattle.


Come to the sea in the off-season,
in addition to the benefits materyalnyh,
It has one more reason to,
it is - a temporary, but the output
the brackets of the year, of the gate
prisons. chuckling wryly,
let time do not take bribes –
Space, friend, avaricious!
Eagle dvugrivennika rights,
four-time trampling!


Here the vineyards from the hill
run dark green with fatness.
White House hostess
here stoked pink beech.
Evening cock mourn.
Slow twisting somersault,
Moon crash is not threatened
on the surface of asphalt chipped:
its darkness and other luminaries
Bay would easily comprehended.


When so many behind
Total, in particular - grief,
support someone's not wait,
Sit on the train, landed near the sea.
it is wider. It
and deeper. This superiority –
not too happy. But
so if you feel orphanhood,
it is better in those places, whose appearance
worries, than quips.

October 1969, Koktebel

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