From February to April (cycle of 5 poetry)


frosty evening.
Bridges in the fog. Residents of the grotto
on the roof of the Exchange klatsat teeth.
or rather, bezlyuden Crossroads. company
sailors lamp goes out of the bath.

In the depths of the rostrum –
raven cough. bare trees,
as the light on the school chart.
crow's nest
blacken them in cavities. Rags
hurls the sky gas flame.

River - how blouse,
on lights unbuttoned. Sadiq
the palace is empty. Above the statues roofs
smoked chandelier
moon, in whose light the emperor rider
your vyserebril frost profile.

And near the boat
one window of the burning of the Senate
Heavy ice northeast warped.
palaces chilled,
and waiting for spring in the night of the colonnade,
like waiting for a tow rafts on Lake Ladoga.


The empty, closed to dry park
old woman surrounded by Shepherd –
in the sense, that it gives the following
around the old woman - knits a red sweater,
and flown into trees wind,
goading hair, spare brains.

urchin, turns into roulades
through the fence poles lace,
runs from school, and crimson ball
sits in a wooden basket,
rasplastyvaya shadows on the lawn;
eliminate shadows and fire.

In the quiet alley, in an empty pencil case.
remnants of ice, floating channel,
for small fish - the same clouds,
but as it toppled backwards.
Above them, the bridge, as a fixed Greenwich;
and the bell buzzes from afar.

Of all the bounty, that highlighted the abyss,
only view you is free,
and you are happy, and, despite any
what, still alive. And this spring
so few birds, that contributes to the notebook
addresses, and calendar - names.

Rosehip in April

Rosehip every spring
He is trying to remember exactly
its former appearance:
its color, curvature
curved branches - and then, what
them there curls.

The fence now poutru
in finding iron rods
the source of evil,
He bustles in the wind,
he claims, that without them,
have penetrated beyond.

He launched into his roots
the leaves, devil of hell,
Temple on blood.
not resurrection, but also
not of the Immaculate Conception,
not the fruit of love.

In an effort to protect the uniform,
- or rather, the future green,
buds, shadow,
he seemed to check the world;
but the world itself is invalid
in such a gloomy day.

aphyllous, dry, leg,
He rushes into the fence, pokes
a metal needle
iron spear - other
April did not give him the prey
March is not given.

And yet the ability of the bush
his ashes are converted into a crucible,
drive into the bowels,
able to open the mouth
any. find ink.
And take a pen.

Poems in April

This winter crazy
I did not come down again, a winter
and lo and behold ended. The noise of the ice flow
and green cover
I distinguish - and therefore healthy.
With the new season
I congratulate yourself
and, the pupil of the Fontanka blinding,
I droblyu yourself a hundred.
Five fingers on the face
I spend - and in the brain, in the woods,
osedanie came.

Dotyanuv to Sedin,
I look, as the tug among the ice floes
sneaks to the mouth. Not less
evil remembrance
The transformation of paper into a goat
remission of offenses. Sorry same
for sublime syllable;
time alarm ends,
not end of winter.
In this - the essence of change,
in the crush, in spat Kamen
old Mnemozinы.

April 1969

Fountain memory defense Hanko Peninsula heroes

There must be a fountain, but it does not beat.
However, our northern dampness
It relieves the authorities of worries,
and does not feel thirsty cup.

normal rain, promised on Thursday,
reliable rusty water pipes.
What do people will forget,
it will make up for it nature.

And you, Hanko heroes, nothing
We have not lost: meteoprohnozы
go on about the constancy of H2O,
eclipsed human tears.

1969 – 1970

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