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Spinning tow on the ceiling
smoke doss.
I remember tipsy
Your gentle way,
as you wander through the branches,
slimmer shepherdesses,
together with my lover
against the backdrop of guns.

Under Erla howitzer sea,
under your views
My excitement and verse
there would be happy.
And some cases all: horse plety
and a foot in the stirrup.
the, first, mile defeat,
the last - time.

We get together on the banks of the Neva,
but no - Sukhona.
With a smile, you behold
Miss with icons.
Imagining you for sister
(at least),
kissing you, not razberu,
Where are you, where is Mary.

But your horse just arapsky
in certain fields.
And I - just stuck
in local swamps.
Although used for, what I say
(Lord with the words),
I thank you with all my heart
- saved you.

Transparent slung bridge
(uprus column),
five-pointed star
across the sky
night trudges through Russia
- even to your sweet
mouth will move sadness
according to these luminaries.

On a quarter - Twilight hlad,
a third - stubbornness,
half - dial,
and all - space,
I swear to give you an austere
(in power sizes
over the heart) the difference between the parts –
and the amount of passion!

Well I'm sorry, if something goes wrong
(without scenes, wailing).
He blessed me with cognac
risk confessions.
You all claims - for him.
The shortage of bread,
I zazhevyvayu darkness.
It feeds you sky.

Aug. Sept 1964

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