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A new heaven for the land of Far Far Away.
babies scream, to draw attention
stork. Old people are hiding their heads under their wings,
like ostriches, resting with the beak
no feathers, but in their own armpits.
You can be blinded by excess ultramarine,
unfamiliar with the sail. dodge pies
like much gnawed - skived to the calf! –
fish. Rowers sticking out of them, giving
motion mystery. victim of shipwreck,
for twenty years, I have enough obzhil this
Isle (possibly, however, that - Continent),
and his lips are moving themselves, when reading, pronouncing
"tropical vegetation, tropical vegetation".
Most likely, it is - a breeze; after noon
special. I.e, when it
glassy gaze no longer distinguishes
print your own heel into the sand from heel
Friday. This is the beginning
writing. Or - its end.
Especially with evening ocean standpoint.


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