Portrait of woman

Not fresh - like flowers in her
hands. The colors - the same lie
The same thirst for the future. Brown
eye looks to the future, Where
or vases, nor talk about water.
A herbarium.

Hence - folding. First - oral,
then - maroon, with iskroy, taffeta,
the curtain, ready to whirl up
and discover the mechanism of walking
in overgrown impasse fate;
embarrass the seer.

Leg in a stocking of wet glass
glitters, like swimming crossed
Bosphorus and currently requires asphalt
Europe or, conversely, –
expanses of Asia, hermitage, generosity
sands, basalt.

Cameo in low neckline. underneath,
cameo, - Lace and the amount of days,
untouched by their luminary,
not knowing, that is - bone,
uncollectible in a handful of;
space bleach.

What's behind it, carpet OPRICH
with daggers? her last.
decade. Thoughts about Petrov,
Sidorov of, not talking
about Ivanov, nothing was indignant
five liters of blood.

That is now in front of her? Winter. Istanbul.
grin consul. annoying hum
bazaar at noon. minarets class
ground-to-ground or ground-to-turban
(otherwise - cloud). Draw, antimony.
other race.

Plus, this type of hat mug
in the province and the color of moss.
Chatterbox with a palette. Armchair. English
Such cases before the war.
Cupid on the table: with only one
an arrow in the quiver.

Painted closed mouth
face shouting, that "later" for him
more important, than "now", even more so –
"then"! That the painting - path
to get there, which can not be
get another.

So do the gods, having filled the
in plant, in stone: to
The emergence of human. it
momentum metamorphosis
Siena and kraplak roses
looks with portrait,

instead she herself. She herself
grow old, go mad,
die of decrepitude, under the wheel, bullet.
But there, where the body does not need,
it will remain what it was
then in Istanbul.


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Joseph Brodsky
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