Rembrandt. etchings


“He was so bold, that sought
know yourself…” No more and no less,
as thyself.
To achieve this,
unattainable goal, he first
armed with a mirror, but then,
soobraziv, that the main task
not so much, to see, how much is,
to talk about the vision of the Dutch,
he took up etching needle
and he began to tell.
About what
he told us? That he saw?

He found a mirror in the face, which
itself in a certain sense
a mirror.
any expression
Face -lish reflection,
what happens to a man in my life.
A occurs miscellaneous:
perplexity, hope, angry laughter –
How strange to see, that same
lines are able to express a very
different in essence a feeling.
even stranger, in the end
replaced by anger, bitterness, hopes
and the surprise of the mask comes
-So feeling of tranquility,
like a mirror of all your
duties wants to give
and to be a simple glass, and miss
and light and darkness without all sorts of obstacles.

So he saw her face.
And he concluded, that man can
tolerate any stroke of fate,
grief or joy equally
him to face: how curvy clothes
the king. And as the rags of poverty.
He was tried and found, what all,
that he tried, it turned out just right.


And then he looked around.
Treat others have the right to
only properly considered himself.
And rotates in front of him went
apothecaries, soldiers, Pied Piper,
loan sharks, writers, merchants –
Holland looked at him
like a mirror. And the mirror failed
s true for many centuries –
Holland and capture it, what
one and the same thing unites
all those - young and old - faces;
and the name of the common things -light.

No face vary, but a different world:
some, like a lamp, from the inside
lit. Others - like
all that, that light bulb.
And this difference -sut.
but the,
who created the light, at the same time
(not unreasonably) I provide shade.
A shadow is not just a state of light,
but something equivalent and even
sometimes exceeding it.

Any facial expression –
perplexity, hope, folly, fury
and even referred to the mask
calm-not a merit of life
il the most muscular person, but only
lighting merit.
Only these
Two things -ten and light - we turn
in people.

Not true?
Well, put the experience:
blow out the candles, draw the curtains.
Which are in the darkness of your face?


But people think differently. People
consider, they are about something argue,
deeds are committed, love, lie,
even prophesy.
they only use the light
and often abuse them,
like all things, that went for nothing.
One sometimes froze light to others.
Other obscured by light.
And still others strive to overshadow the whole world
his persona is -vsyakoe.
And for certain he suddenly turns off.


And when he goes out to,
someone we love, and does not go out for us
when you can see only
those, who are you and you do not want to watch
(and including, on himself),

Then you looked to the fact,
before that it was only the background
your portraits and paintings –
to the ground…

The tragedy is over. Actor
walks away. But the scene -ostaetsya
and begins to live his own life.

Well, a thankful
portrayed with all the passion scene.

You said his monologue. She
outlive your words, your voice
and applause, and silence,
so much palpable after
applause. Then -You,
all survived.


Well, well,
You knew it before. It is too
path in the darkness.
But if it is necessary so
strashitysya darkness? Because the darkness
just a form of preservation of the world
from superfluous expenditure, just sleeping form,
similarity respite.
A painter –
the artist must see and in gloom.

Well, he sees. part of face.
Shred any cloth. the edge of the cart.
Nape someone. Wood. Jug.
All this would snovidenya light,
asleep at the time of deep sleep.

But sooner or later, he wakes up.


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