It spilled milk



I have come for Christmas with an empty pocket.
Publisher pulls my novel.
Moscow Calendar infected Quran.
I can not get up and go to visit
or to a friend, who cry babies,
or in family home, nor the girl friend.
Everywhere need money.
I sit on a chair, I am shaking with anger.


Brother, accursed poet craft.
phone is silent, ahead diet.
You can take in the local committee, but this –
does not matter, that take in women.
Losing independence is much worse,
than to lose virginity. Vchuzhe,
I think, nice to dream about her husband,
nice to say "it's time".


Knowing my status, my bride
fifth year for me not budge;
and where it is now, I do not know:
truth the devil himself out of it did not knock out.
She says: “Do not worry in vain.
The main thing - feelings! Unanimously?”
And it is with her hand perfectly.
But she, apparently, there, where drinks.


In general, I am with mistrust for others.
Insult kitchen stomach plus.
On top of all personal annoy
look at the human role in life.
They think I'm a thug,
mock my appetite.
I do not use their credit.
"Pour it thinner!»


I see myself in the glass idle.
I am in fact a good judge will not take a simple,
how to live to see the birth of Christ
One thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven.
Twenty-six years of continuous shaking,
digging in his pockets, Ground TASK,
Practice makes perfect ogle Law,
portraying silent.


Life around goes like clockwork.
(I mean, of course, mass.)
Marx justified. But, legs Marksu,
would long ago have time to slaughter.
I dont know, in whose favor the balance.
My existence is paradoxical.
I'm doing a somersault from the era.
Excuse me for agility!


I.e, every reason to be calm.
No one cries: "In konyam!»
Nobles displayed at the root.
Neither you Pugach, nor Stenki.
winter is taken, if you believe the bike.
Jughashvili stored in a tin.
Silent cannon on the forecastle.
In my head - only money.


Money hidden in safes, banks,
in the floor, in stockings, in the ceiling beams,
in fireproof box office, in postal stationery.
A flood Nature!
Noisy pack of brand new banknotes,
like tops of birch trees, acacias.
I'm all in the power of hallucinations.
Give me oxygen!


Night. the rustle of snow.
Pavement quiet scraping shovel.
In the window opposite the lit lamp.
I'm stuck on a steel spring.
I see only a lamp. therefore icon
I do not see. I went up to the balcony.
Snow on the roof puts blanket,
and homes are, as strangers.



equality, brother, excludes fraternity.
This is necessary to understand.
Slavery always generates slavery.
Even with the revolution.
Spread capitalist Communists.
Communists have become ministers.
The last fruit of morphine addicts.
read, writes that Lucius.


We were not swimming goldfish.
Marx in the production of knits Laka.
Labor is not a commodity market.
So to speak - to insult the workers.
Labor - this is the purpose of life and the form of.
Money - as if his platform.
Something besides ways to feed a.
Mota kluboček.


thing more, than their assessment.
Now the economy is simply in the middle.
It unites us instead of the church,
explains our actions.
Generally, each unit
in essence - girl.
She wants to unite.
Pants being asked to skirt.


The ball usually tends to pocket.
(I, probably, Muse torment.)
not Competition, but Union
He owns a beautiful tomorrow.
(I did not aspire to be a prophet.
very possible, These lines
shorten the waiting periods:
"The year is counted as two.")


the hour, and it's time has come
to conjugal ties Labor - Capital.
Gloss metal despised
(on - image in the people)
pleasant, than the emptiness in his pockets,
simpler, Leapfrog than tyrants,
better drug civilization,
society, who grew up on syringes.


Sin birthright - not the essence of orphanhood.
many, indisputably, Courtesy of bestiality.
Simply find the differences, what are the similarities:
"The labor and capital do not have the contacts".
Pah-pah, We did not grow up in Islam,
enough to shoot the breeze about popolame.
There is attraction between the sexes.
Pole create a planet.


As a bachelor, I'm sad about marriage.
I do not expect, of course, miracle cancer.
In the family there are pits and gullies.
But his wife - the only type of owners
Togo, they create in delight.
They do not need, "Thou shalt not steal".
Otherwise everything will go for the sake of Christ.
Take care of their babies!


To me, as a poet, all these alien.
More: I know, that "koemuzhdo…»
Writing and shudder: that's nonsense-that,
Surely I am against the legitimate authority?
save time, stake they are wrong.
I have enough notoriety.
But bad politics corrupts the morals.
That's - on our part!


Money is like a virtue.
Without falling on top of - Allah is witness, –
Money often fly into the wind
better than word of honor.
They should not be Do me the favor.
With us in the coffin, they do not lie.
They were ordered to multiply,
like in the fable.


Ulterior motives stronger front.
Every soul will surpass the glacier.
Of course, society preacher
more necessary, fitter than, Science.
But, yet never hear anything of the Prophet,
offer - order before deadline
not to fall into the arms of vice:
Take something hands.


I'm not busy, generally, alien bliss.
It looks like a nice gesture.
I'm busy inner perfection:
midnight - half a tin - lyre.
For me, trees are more expensive woods.
I do not have a common interest.
But the speed of progress of the internal
more, than the speed of the world.


This - the basis of any known
isolation. Deep Friendship
It is a purely local
interest today. Besides
this property is not compatible
with the brotherhood, equality and, Vesta,
nobility irrecoverable,
unacceptable in a husband.


So, yearning for excellence,
how Toptygin by voivodship,
I sing to you about the production.
Boudet the above method
all will be properly understood,
Society of the best sons of catch up,
Reason not drop the torch,
make happy any individual.


Otherwise - top take telepaths,
Buddhists, spiritualists, drugs,
Freudians, neurologists, psihopatы.
kaif, a state of euphoria,
will dictate its own laws.
Addicts trailers currently straps.
Syringe hanged instead of icons
Savior and St Mary's.


Soul tightened large veil.
Join us continuous spiral.
Plugged into the socket with ethyl morality.
It freed from the verb.
Thanks to the good potion,
Spinnin carousel in the clouds.
Let's go down to the ground
exclusively for injection.


I can see our world, which the
coated webs laboratories.
A spider's web of trajectories
covered ceiling. How fast!
It is unpleasant to the eye.
Mankind has increased three times.
The danger of the white race.
inevitably the killing.


Either we cut the color.
Either we came together in their different
worlds. Back in their beer.
But both - not Christianity.
Orthodox! This is not the case!
What do you look stunned?!
We would betray God's Body,
clearing a space.


I was not raised on the Sophists.
There is something in the ladies' pacifists.
But net separated from unclean –
not our right, trust.
I do not point to the tables.
color us, indisputably, pinned.
But we did not give birth to them in the light of,
not for us to bring them to death.


It is important to create many amenities.
(It can be found in Hobbes.)
I sit on a chair, I am counting sheep.
Cleaning - dirty procedure.
Not made to dance on the grave.
Create abundance in a shrinking world –
it is a Christian. Or:
this is the Culture.


Now turn the fans
"Religion - the opium of the people"
understood, that they are given the freedom,
They lived up to the golden age.
But in this registry (the cost of the syllable)
freedom not to choose - a very wretched.
Normally the, who spits on God,
spits first person.


"There is no god. A land in the potholes ".
"Yes, can not see. Disable on the broads ".
Creator, productive of this scale,
It is making too big raids
between objects. So then, what
his kingdom there, - that's for sure.
It is out of this world in absentia.
Sit on their stools.


Night. lane. frost blockade.
Along the sidewalks are Carpathians.
planet swing, like the lamps,
God has kindled in the sky
in awe of his great
before we face the unknown
(Poetry makes the views held evidence),
in a huge ark.



In the New Year's Eve, I'm sitting on a chair.
Bright brilliance burn pots.
I applied to medicine.
nerve sold, like the devil in a vessel.
I feel light a fire in the back of the head.
I remember drunk bottle,
Vologda custody, crosses, Butyrka.
I do not want to argue in effect.


I'm sitting on a chair in a large apartment.
Niagara bubbles in an empty toilet.
I feel myself a target in a shooting gallery,
I shudder at the slightest knock.
I closed the front door on the latch, but
night in my Celite horns of Aries,
like a Cupid with a bow, as if
Stalin in the XVII Congress of the "Tulku".


I turn on the gas, warms the bones.
I sit on a chair, I am shaking with anger.
I do not want to look for pearls in the compost!
I take the liberty of!
Let studies manure who wants!
patriot, gentlemen, not Krylovskiy Kochetov.
Let me not to the KGB Fingering.
Do not you strumming in the lining, trifle!


I breathe in silver and copper spit!
I catch the boat hook and a leaky network.
I tease geese and go to immortality,
let me wattle!
I rages, like a mouse in the dark bottom of the barrel!
Take out the saints and the portrait of Secretary General!
It is heard in the woods Lumberjack Ax.
To lie in the snow, maybe chill.


Nothing Chill! all forget!
I devise almost a mutiny!
I vowed not oblique Buddha,
for the gold by pomchus hare!
Let closed - where a chisel! –
Yasnopolyanskaya slicer!
Neprotivlenye, gentlemen, nastily.
This is me - as a sickle in the balls!


Aristotle on the bottom of the well,
I know not from where it is taken.
evil exists, to fight him,
not to weigh in the balance beam.
All grieving for the individual,
all subject to conjunctivitis, –
all to the mother alphabetically:
democracy in the full sense!


I love family field, dell,
rivers, Lake, hills wrinkles.
All right. But shit man:
in body, and the spirit of the weak.
This is me true law naknokal.
All wipes Bright Falcon.
the Lord, break at least a couple of glasses!
As soon as women suffer?


A sad night for me today.
He looks with wallpaper erstwhile hundred.
You can go to a brothel, and summary –
numizmatka - will agree.
laziness unstick, fuss.
It remains to sit quietly, fast
but on the contrary to be baptized in the window,
until it is extinguished.


“The greens of summer, source, green summer!
What whispers bush euonymus?
Good to walk without a vest!
The greens of summer return.
girl walks, source, in a headscarf.
He walks on the field, tearing flowers,
Would take daughter, source, would take the daughter.
The sky swallow winds”.

14 January 1967

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