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A life — game with many rules, but without the referee. we learn, how to play it, probably watching her, coping than in any book,, including the Holy Scriptures. It is not surprising, that so many unfair play, so few win, so many lose.
Anyway, if this place is the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, I remember, then it is safe to assume, what do you, its graduates, still less familiar with the Scriptures, than those, who sat on those bleachers, let us say, Sixteen years ago, When I dared to set foot on this field for the first time.
For my eyes, ears and nostrils of this place still Ann Arbor; it is blue — or it appears blue — how to Ann Arbor; it smells like Ann Arbor (although I must admit, that the air is now less of marijuana, what happened before, and this for a moment throws into confusion the old annarbortsa). In this way, it looks like Ann Arbor, where I spent part of my life — better, it seems to me, part — and where sixteen years ago, your predecessors knew almost nothing about the Bible.
When I think of my colleagues, when I realize, what's going on with university training programs across the country, I am aware of the pressure, that the so-called modern world is having on young people, I feel nostalgic for the, who was sitting on your chairs a dozen or so years ago,, because some of them could at least cite the Ten Commandments, and some even remembered the names of the seven deadly sins. But they ordered these precious knowledge afterwards and how succeeded in the game, I have no idea. I can only hope, with the result that people are richer, if he is guided by rules and taboos, set someone completely intangible, not just the criminal code.
because you, most likely, it is too early to sum up and because the prosperity and decent environment — the, what you, apparently, aiming, you would be hurt to get acquainted with these precepts and the list of sins. They are a total of seventeen, and some of them overlap. Of course, you could argue, that they belong to a creed with a significant tradition of violence. Yet, if we talk about faiths, This is the most tolerant; it deserves your consideration if only because, that gave birth to society, in which you have the right to question or deny its value.
But I'm not here, to extol the virtues of a particular faith or philosophy, and I do not enjoy, as, apparently, many, the opportunity to expose attacks the modern system of education, or you, her alleged victims. First of all, I do not perceive you as such. Secondly, in certain areas of your knowledge is immeasurably more than I or any member of my generation. I regard you as a group of young reasonably selfish souls on the eve of a very long journey. I shudder at the thought of its length and ask myself, what could I do for you. I know something about life, that could help you or make a difference for you, and if I know something, is there any way to convey this information to you?
The answer to the first question, I think, “Yes” — not so much because, that a man my age is supposed to be more crafty than any of you in chess existence, but because, что он, most likely, tired of a lot of things, to which you are aiming. (One this fatigue is something, what the young should be warned as concomitant boundaries and complete success, and their destruction; knowledge of this kind can enhance the pleasure of the first, as well as brighten up the latter.) Regarding the second question, I, to tell the truth, hard-pressed. EXAMPLE aforementioned precepts can puzzle any parting speaker, For they have the Ten Commandments were parting speech, literally — zapovedaniem. But there is a transparent wall between the generations, iron curtain irony, if anything, see-through veil, almost no experience impermeable. Best case scenario, some tips.
Therefore, consider the, that you are about to hear, just as a few top tips of icebergs, if I may say so, instead of Mount Sinai. I'm not Moses, you are also not the Old Testament Jews; these little irregular outline, scrawled in yellow pad somewhere in California, — not Tablets. ignore them, if anything, expose their questioning, if nessesary, forget them, unless otherwise can not: there is nothing compulsory. If some of them now or in the future come in handy, I'll be happy. If not, My anger does not overtake you.
1. And now and in the future, I think, It has, sense to focus on the accuracy of your language. Try to expand your vocabulary, and treat him, how you deal with your bank account. Give him lots of attention and try to increase their dividends. The goal here is not, to contribute to your eloquence in the bedroom or professional success-though perhaps it later, — and not in the, to turn you into a secular clever. The goal is, to give you an opportunity to express themselves as much as possible and more accurately; in short, target — your balance. For accumulation nevygovorennogo, unspoken properly can lead to neurosis. Every day in the human soul is changing more, but the mode of expression often remains the same. The ability to communicate behind experience. This adversely affects the psyche. The senses, shades, thoughts, perceptions, who asked to remain anonymous, unspoken and not content Approximately wording, accumulate within the individual and can cause psychological explosion or breakdown. To avoid this, not necessarily turn into a bookworm. You just have to buy a dictionary and read it every day, and sometimes — and a book of poems. dictionaries, but, have, paramount importance. A lot of them around; some attached magnifier. They are cheap enough, but even the most expensive among them (equipped with a magnifying glass) are much less, than one visit to a psychiatrist. If you are still thinking of visiting psychiatrist, treat the symptoms of alcoholism vocabulary.
2. And now and in the future try to be kind to their parents. If this sounds too much like a “Honor thy father and thy mother:”, well. I just want to say: Try not to rebel against them, for, most likely, they will die before you, so you can save yourself at least this source of guilt, if not grief. If you need to rebel, rebellion against the, who are not so easily vulnerable. Parents-too close target (as well, however, brothers, sisters, wives or husbands); such distance, that you can not miss. Revolt against the parents with all of its I-don't-take-you-have-no-penny, essentially, extremely bourgeois work, because it gives the highest satisfaction rebel, in this case, — emotional satisfaction, given by conviction. The later you stand on this path, the later you will become the spiritual bourgeois; t. it is. The longer you remain a skeptic, doubters, intellectually unsatisfied, better for you. On the other hand, of course, this event is a non-take-no-penny has practical meaning, because your parents, most likely, bequeathed all, that they have, you, and lucky rebel eventually get all the state entirely — in other words, riot — a very effective form of savings. Although the percentage of unprofitable; and I would say, It leads to bankruptcy.
3. Try not to rely too much on politicians — not so much because, that they are unintelligent or dishonest, as the most often, but because of their scale of operation, that is too large even for the best of them, — to one or another political party, doctrine, or their searchlights. They can, at best, reduce the number of social evils, but does not eradicate it. Whatever it may be significant improvement, from an ethical point of view, it will always be negligible, because there will always be those — at least one person, -who will not get the benefits of this improvement. the world is imperfect; Golden Age has never been and never will. The only thing, what will happen to the world, — it will be more, t. it is. crowded, not growing in size. However true people, you have chosen, nor promised to divide the pie, it will not increase in size; portions necessarily become smaller. In light of this-or rather in the dark — you have to rely on their own home cooking, that is to rule the world alone — at least that part of it, which is available to you and is within your reach. but, implementing it, you should also prepare for the woeful awareness, even your own cake is not enough; you have to prepare for what, you, most likely, have enjoyed in equal measure and gratitude and frustration. Here is the most difficult lesson for mastering — not lose zeal in the kitchen, for, submitting this pie at least once, you create a lot of expectations. Ask yourself, for if you force such an uninterrupted supply of pies, or do you count on politicians? Whatever the outcome of this soul-searching — can the world rely on your pastries? — start now insist, that all these corporations, banks, school, laboratory, or where you work there, and whose premises are heated and guarded by police around the clock, let the homeless at night, now, when winter.
4. Try not to stand, Try to be humble. Even now we have too many, and very soon will be many more. This scramble into place definitely comes under the sun at the expense of others, who will not climb. the, that you have to step on someone's foot, does not mean, that you have to stand on their shoulders. Besides, everything, that you will see from this point — human sea, plus the, who, like you took a similar position — prominent, but it is very unreliable: those, who are called rich and famous. In fact,, there is always something unpleasant is, to be prosperous you like, especially when billions of these. It should be added, that the rich and famous in our days, too, and the crowd, and that there, upstairs, very closely. So that, if you want to become rich or famous or both that and another, good luck, But do not give the whole. Crave something, that is someone else, It means the loss of one's own uniqueness; on the other hand, this, of course, stimulates mass production. But, because you live life once, it would be wise to avoid the most obvious clichés, including gift editions. Exclusiveness, keep in mind, also undermines your uniqueness, not to mention, it narrows your sense of reality to the already achieved. Shoving among those, Who, taking into account their income and appearance, presents — at least in theory — unlimited potential, much better than membership in any club. Try to be more like them, than those, who they do not like; Try to wear gray. Mimicry is a defense identity, instead of abandoning it. I would suggest that you also speak more quietly, but, I'm afraid, you find, I went too far. but remember, that next to you is always someone there: near. No one is asking you to love him, but try not to bother him too much and did not hurt him; try to step on his feet carefully; and, if it happens, you want his wife, remember at least, it indicates a lack of your imagination, your lack of faith in the limitless possibilities of life or their ignorance. At the worst, try to remember, from a far — by stars, from the depths of the universe, possibly, from the opposite end — come, please do not do this, as well as the idea is to love your neighbor as yourself. Apparently, Stars know more about the force of gravity, but also about loneliness, чем вы; for they — eyes desire.
5. Under all circumstances avoid to ascribe to themselves the status of the victim. Of all the parts of the body most vigilant watch your index finger, for he yearns to convict. Pointing finger is a sign of sacrifice — as opposed to raised in the sign of Victoria index and middle fingers, it is synonymous with surrender. No matter how disgusting or was your position, Try not to blame external forces: history, state, authority, race, parents, moon phase, childhood, late planting pot, and so on. d. The menu is extensive and boring, and its own vastness and tedium enough offensive, to restore the use of the mind against them. In the moment, when you put the blame on something, you undermine your own determination to change anything; it can be argued, that the finger of accusation thirsty torn so violently, because this determination was not sufficiently strong. Finally, victim status is not without its appeal. He evokes sympathy, confers honors, and whole countries and continents bask in the shadows of mental discounts, prepodnosimye as the consciousness of the victim. There is a whole culture of sacrifice, extending from the personal attorney to international loans. Despite the stated purpose of the system, the net result of its activities — deliberate reduction of expectations, when it perceived advantage miserable, or declares a major achievement. Of course, it is therapeutic and, given the scarcity of global resources, possibly, even hygienically, so that we can be satisfied with this for lack of a better material — but try to resist. Whatever exhaustive and irrefutable evidence was not your loss, to deny it, as long as your mind when you, as long as your lips can pronounce “not”. At all, Try to respect the life, not only for her charms, but also for its difficulties. They are part of the game, and good in them, that they are not cheating. Every time, When you are desperate and on the verge of despair, when you're in trouble or difficulty, remember: that's life speaks to you on a single well-known to her language. In other words, Try to be a little masochistic: without taste masochism meaning of life is incomplete. If this is you somehow help, try to remember, that human dignity — absolute concept, not bargaining; that it is incompatible with any special requests, it rests on the denial of the obvious. If you find this argument somewhat reckless, think, at least, what, considering himself a victim, you just increase the vacuum irresponsibility, who so love to fill demons and demagogues, For paralyzed the will — no joy for the angels.
6. World, in which you are going to start, It has good reputation. He better geographical, rather than from a historical perspective; it is still much more attractive visually, rather than social. This is not a nice place, as you will soon discover, and I doubt, it will be much more pleasant by the time, when you leave. However, this is the only world, available: there is no alternative, and if it existed, there is no guarantee, that it would be much better than this. There, outside — jungle, as well as the desert, slippery slope, swamp, etc.. d. — literally — but, worse, metaphorically. but, in the words of Robert Frost: “The best way out — always through”. And he said,, true, in another poem, what “live in a society means to forgive”. A few remarks just about the case passing through, I would like to finish.
Try not to pay attention to those, who tries to make your life miserable. There will be a lot — in official capacity, and the self-appointed. bear their, if you can not avoid them, but as soon as you get rid of them, forget about them immediately. First of all, try not to tell the stories of unfair treatment, that you want them to have undergone; avoid this, however sympathetic nor was your audience. Stories of this kind extend the existence of your opponents: very likely, They rely on the fact, that you are talkative and tell others about your experience. By itself, no individual should not exercise in injustice (or even in equity). One to one relationship does not justify the effort: valuable only echo. This is the main principle of any oppressor, whether it is sponsored by the state, or use their own, I. Therefore, chase or shut off the echo, do not let the event, no matter how unpleasant or significant it may be, take longer, what he needed, to happen.
the, that make your enemies, acquires its significance or importance because, how you respond. Therefore, will rush through or past them, as if they were yellow, rather than red. Do not linger on them mentally or verbally; not be proud, you forgive or forget them, -at the worst, first of all forget. So you save your brain cells from the useless excitations; So, possibly, You can even save these fools from themselves, For the prospect of being forgotten shorter than the prospect of being forgiven. Switch the channel: you can not stop the broadcasting of the network, but in your power, at least, reduce its rating. This decision is unlikely to please the angels, but it is certainly a blow to the demons, and at this moment the most important thing.
Here, I better stop. I'll be happy, if you find it, what did I say, useful. If not, it will show, that you are prepared for the future is much better, than would be expected from people of your age. what, I suppose, as a basis for joy — not to fear. Anyway — well you are prepared or not — I wish you good luck, because both the front so you do not have holidays, and you need luck. but, I think, you cope.
I'm not a gypsy; I can not predict your future, but can be seen with the naked eye, that says a lot for your benefit. First of all, you were born, which in itself is half the battle, and you live in a democracy — this house halfway between nightmare and utopia — mends that fewer obstacles in the way of the individual, than its alternatives.
Finally, You were educated at the University of Michigan, best, in my opinion, University of the country, not least because, that sixteen years ago, it has provided much-needed opportunity laziest person on earth, which is also almost did not speak in English — your obedient servant. I taught there for eight years; tongue, which I now turn to you, I learned here; Some of my former colleagues still serve, other pensions, while others are sleeping the eternal sleep in the land of Ann Arbor, on which you go is now. Clear, this place is for me an extraordinary sentimental value; and as it will mean a lot in ten years for you. To this extent, I can predict your future; in this respect, I know, that you will not be gone or, more precisely, you will succeed. For a sense of the warm waves, rolled on you in ten years at the mention of this city, will mean — never mind, you are lucky or not, — that as human beings, you took. It is this kind of success in the future and I wish you first of all. The rest depends on luck, and has a minimal value.
1988, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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