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Veronika SILC
Pay attention to, that every observation suffers from the personal qualities of the observer, that is, that it often reflects more his mental state, rather than state contemplated them a reality, to all of the following should be, I suppose, treat with sarcasm shares — if not with complete disbelief. The only thing, that the observer can, However, say in his own defense, is that he, in turn, It has a certain degree of reality, second only to the extent that, but not as they observed the object. semblance of objectivity, probably, It can only be achieved in the case of complete self-report, Be aware observer at the time of observation. I do not think, I'm capable of it; anyway, I did not try this; I hope, but, that after all this is not without cost.
My desire to get to Istanbul has never been a genuine desire. Not even sure, whether to eat at all here this concept. However, our kaprizom, or subconscious desire it also will not name. So let's leave “a wish” and note, in part it is due to the promise, According to me himself for leaving his hometown forever, to go round the world inhabited by latitude and longitude (ie. Pulkovskoe Meridian), on which it is located. With the breadth of today everything is more or less in order. What to longitude, here not all so well. Istanbul is located only a couple of degrees to the west of the said meridian.
Its artificiality the above reason is not much different from the somewhat more serious, the principal, I would say, the reasons, about which — just below, and a number of entirely too frivolous and second-tertiary, which — immediately (for they are, about them — either now, or never): a) in this city at the beginning of the century it had somehow two crucial years of my life, my favorite poet, grek Konstantin Kavafis; b) for some reason it seemed, что здесь, in homes and cafes, It was to keep the spirit and interior fading everywhere; at) I was hoping to hear here, detached from history, the “Turkish overseas creaking mattress”, which the, I thought, I heard one night in the Crimea; g) hear addressed to him “Effendi”; d) but, afraid, for the transfer of these absurd reasons, do not have enough of the alphabet (even better, if you just nonsense drives — for then and less frustration). So let's get to the promised “the principal” reason, even if it may seem to many deserving, best case scenario, “is” or “is”.
“home” This reason is an upper artificiality. It consists in the fact, Several years ago, in a conversation with one of my friend, American Byzantinists, it occurred to me, that the cross, dreamed up by the Emperor Constantine in a dream, on the eve of his victory over Maxentius, — cross, which was written “Sim win”, Cross was not Christian, but gradostroitelskim, ie. every main element Roman settlement. According to Eusebius and others, Inspired by this vision, Constantine immediately withdrew from his seat and went to the East, Where, first in Troy, and then, Troy left vnezapno, in Byzantium, he established a new capital of the Roman Empire — ie. second Rome. The consequences of this shift has been so significant, what, independently — I was right or wrong, I wanted to take a look at this place. Finally, I have lived 32 at the Third Rome, about a year — In the first. should — for a collection — second arri,
But — Let us all this in order, Bude itself we are able to.
I arrived in this city and left it in the air, isolating it, in this way, in your mind, like a virus under the microscope. Given the epidemic, inherent in every culture, a comparison that does not seem to me irresponsible. Making this note in the town of Sounion, in the south-eastern shore of Attica, at 60 away from Athens, where I landed four hours ago, at the hotel “Aegean”, I feel certain peddler infection, despite the continuous inoculation “classical roses”, I deliberately exposed himself for most of my life. I did a little bit of fever seen; here — some inconsistency in all the following. I think, however, that my famous namesake felt something similar, trying to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh. And one thing to engage in the interpretation of sacred signs in hot — more precisely, warm -Follow; other — fifteen hundred years later.
About dreams. Today in the morning in Istanbul “Pera Palace” I also dreamed something — quite monstrous. It was a room somewhere at the Philological Faculty of Leningrad University, and I went down the stairs with someone, who seemed to me D.E.Maksimovym, but apparently it was more like Lee Marvin. I do not remember, as they talked –but not in it business. I was attracted frenzied activity somewhere in the corner of a dark brown staircase — with a very low ceiling at the same time: I distinguished three cats, had fought with great — exceed their size — rat. He looked over his shoulder, I saw one of the cats, Zadran this rat and who beat and flutter in its death throes on the floor. I did not inspect, than the battle ends, — I only remember, the cat calmed down, — and, exchanged some remarks with Marvin-Maximov, I went down the stairs. Before reaching the lobby, I woke up.
To begin with, I love cats. Add to this, that can not stand the low ceilings. That the room just seemed philological faculty -where and only a two-floor. That the gray-brown, dingy it was the color of the facade and interior almost everything and, in particular, several offices in Istanbul, I have visited over the past three days. That the streets in this town are crooked, messy, paved with cobblestones and littered with garbage, which constantly digging hungry local cats. That this city — everything in it — very much it gives Astrakhan and Samarkand. That the day before decided to leave — but more on that later. Generally, enough, to clog the subconscious.
Constantine was primarily Roman Emperor, the head of the Western Roman Empire, and “Sim win” meant for him primarily spread his power, his — personal — control over [all] empire. In divination by the entrails of a rooster on the eve of a decisive battle or statements of heavenly assistance during its successful outcome is not, of course, nothing new. And the distance between the boundless ambition and frantic devotion too, usually, not too high. But even if it was true and devout believers (and about this there are a variety of doubt-especially when you consider, how he dealt with his children and relatives), “conquer” It was supposed to be equivalent to the gains for him, ie. namely settlements, Settlement. The plan also any Roman Settlement is cross: central Railway, running from north to south (as the Corso in Rome), intersects a highway, going from West to East. Of Leptis Magnы to Kastrikuma, in this way, a citizen of the Empire always knew, where it is in relation to the metropolis.
Even if the cross, which he interpreted Eusebius, It was the cross of the Savior, part of his dream — without- or unconscious — It was the principle settlmentovoy plan. In addition, in the IV century the cross was not even a symbol of the Savior: it was a fish, Greek anagram of the name of Christ. And most of the crucifixion cross is more like themselves Russian (and to latinskoe titled) T, than the, that depicted by Michelangelo, or to, imagine that today we. Whatever Constantine nor meant, exercise instructions, in a dream he had received, It adopted above all the nature of the territorial expansion of the Empire to the east, and the occurrence of the Second Rome was quite a logical consequence of this expansion,. Being, looking at all, kind of active, Constantine considered policy of expansion as something absolutely natural. Especially, if he really was a true Christian believer.
Was he or was he not? Regardless of the correct answer, the last word is always genotype: nephew of Constantine was none other, as Julian the Apostate.
Any movement in the plane, not dictated by physical necessity, has a spatial form of self-affirmation, whether it is building an empire or tourism. In this sense my presence in Istanbul is not much different from Constantine. Special — if he really became a Christian: ie. It ceased to be a Roman. I have, but, more reason to reproach himself for superficiality, and the results of my movements on a plane much less significant. I do not leave even a photo of yourself “on the background”, not only that — wall. In this sense, I give only the Japanese. (There is nothing more nightmarish thoughts of the average Japanese family photo album: short-legged and smiling, he is against the background of all, there are vertical in the world: statue-fountain-mosque-cathedral-tower facade, ancient temple, etc.. п.; less likely there, наверное, Buddhas and pagodas.) “Kogito Ergo rubles” inferior “photographic image Ergo rubles”: same, as “Cogito” prevailed at the time of “I create”. In other words, the ephemeral nature of my presence — and my motives — no less absolute, palpability than physical activity and Constantine attributed to him (or genuine) considerations.

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